WordPress plugin wpForGlass makes Blogging via Google Glass Possible

Have you ever thought that you’ll be able to do blogging from the Google Glass? Don’t get surprised by the question, Few months back Google launched the Google Glass – a SmartGlass which is able to capture what you see and do many other smart tasks.
Well, the PR agency Weber Shandwick makes Blogging possible by developing a plugin named wpForGlass which enables the person to publish images and videos immediately to their self-hosted WordPress blogs as soon as they are captured.
How to use the wpForGlass plugin in Google Glass?
Well before using the plugin on the Google Glass you’ll first have to install the plugin on your Blog. Installing the plugin would have been difficult if the tutorial would not have been written at the official blog.
The tutorial has all the steps which should be followed by you to install the plugin so that you can use the plugin with your Google Glass.
How will the photo/video you upload by Google Glass go to your self-hosted WordPress blog?
First you will capture a photo/video from the Glass then share the media with the contact card which the wpForGlass plugin sets up for your blog, then if you wish you can add a caption for the media file you are uploading else leave it, the media will get uploaded to the Google Servers and from there they’ll be shifted to your Blog.
Limitations of the wpForGlass plugin
Everything have some or the other limitation, same is with the plugin. Using the plugin you will be able to upload the media to your self-hosted WordPress blog but there are some limitations of this plugin also they are :-
◆ To write a Blog post for the media uploaded, which is not liked by many of the Bloggers.
◆ To add title to the media uploaded,  media will be uploaded to the blog directly in the form of a blog post and a blog post without a title is not preferable.
Changes to be expected in the next updates
The limitations of wpForGlass plugin were discussed above, and one of the commentors made a comment on the installation page of the plugin
and in the reply the developer said that they’ll soon make changes.
The person asked the developer to enable the plugin to add title and description to the media uploaded and the official have replied saying that they’ll soon be doing that. I’ve captured a screenshot of the reply they’ve made, you can look it.

Best suited for :-
The plugin enables to share the photos and videos immediately, hence it is more suitable for the types of blogs which are listed below :-
■ Media Coverage blogs
■ Live Blogging Events
■ News Blogs
■ Filmy Blogs
I’ve added those blogs which can make the most use of this plugin, I’ve missed many of them, if I’ve missed an important niche/type you can notify me via Comment.

Article publié pour la première fois le 14/12/2013

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