Katy Perry Dominates Taylor Swift in World’s Highest Paid Women In Music 2015

The highest paid women in music 2015 has been announced by Forbes. Well any guesses? These incredible song-sters had an amazing year with all the latest albums, world tours and brand endorsements with major companies. They delivered, hit single after hit single topping charts. Let’s go the list of  Highest Paid Women In Music 2015.

Highest Paid Women In Music 2015Who made it to the top of the list this year? Do you think it is Katy Perry who had this “Firework” and explosive 2015 or is it Taylor Swift living out her “Wildest Dreams” and begged this in her bag, well it looks like T-swift will be “Shaking it off” for a little while as Katy Perry has drove her “Dark horse” all the way to the top of Forbes list.So here’s a quick stack up of women, who made it to the list of World’s Highest-Paid Women in Music – 2015.

 Highest Paid Women In Music 2015

Katy perry, One of the Celebrities of the world, must not have been in news this year but she clearly surpassed Swift in raising the revenue. With a whopping $135M she tops the list this year. She Earned more than $2M per city over the course of 126 shows in her Prismatic World Tour. She endorses with Coty Claire’s and Covergirl. She clearly deserves a hearty congratulations for her dynamite 2015.


Taylor Swift the list on the second position. Her latest album “1989” sold over 3.6M copies. She has managed to beg $80M revenue with her top release of latest single “Wildest Dreams” and it has ascended to the top of the charts. Her 1989 Tour earned $4M per city. Will this ignite a spark between two pop divas? Let’s hope, that doesn’t happen.


Fleetwood Mac is at the third place by earning $59.5M. However the band has three men and also boasts two high profile ladies Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie which leads Fleetwood Mac apt for the list. On the tour she has done over 86 concerts and the tick price were more than $300 & that’s why Fleetwood is in the list of Highest Paid Women In Music 2015


Know what’s trending in news?

List of  Highest Paid Women In Music 2015

Lady Gaga ranks fourth with $59M. Gaga has managed to be in the biggest names of music industry since past few years now. She has always pushed her limits and delivered top performances in her tours. She has done 66 shows and also grossed amount from endorsing brands like Versace and MAC also her own fragrance “Fame”.


Highest Paid Women In Music 2015: Beyonce comes fifth with a $54.5M revenue, which rounds up the list. Queen B hasn’t really done much these past few months but we are just fine with being her on the list as she charms everyone with her grace. She has been out there with her husband Jay Z making tours and raised over $100M for 19 North American dates. She endorses Pepsi, L’Oréal and her own “Heat” fragrance. Beyonce should certainly be in the list of  Highest Paid Women In Music 2015.


Well these pop divas have worked hard and tirelessly on and off during this whole year. So it is a well deserved win for them. Do you have any views on who should have been on top of the list? Let us know in the comments below on list of  Highest Paid Women In Music 2015.

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