World’s Costliest Coffees are made from Animals Poop, Really?

What are the absolutely morning to-do stuffs? Of course to Poop and a cup of coffee to charge the body. We won’t bother about the poop alone but let’s talk about Most Expensive Coffees In The World. In some parts of the world, poop makes you coffee, isn’t it weird, strange and unusual? Ridiculously, the two Most Costliest Coffees are made from Animal Poop.

world’s costliest coffees are made from animals poop

Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee
Produced from partially-digested Coffee beans consumed and pooped out by Civets. Civet is a little, and very diurnal mammal found in the forests of Tropical Asia and some portions of Africa.This whole coffee after that was taken to a different level when listened about Civet coffee.

World’s Costliest Coffees are made from Animals Poopivory kopi luwak elephant poop coffeeIt exactly looks  like this:ivory kopi luwak elephant poop coffee

The civet poop coffee, $3000/kg, has made life wretched for the civets. People are now keeping them in captivity and over-feeding them coffee cherries. Considering Coffee as Pearl, then Civet Coffee would be the blood Pearl.

Black Ivory Coffee (Northern Thailand)
ivory kopi luwak elephant poop coffee

Let’s move to the world’s second costliest coffee and to make it sound fancy, they even call it the Black Ivory Coffee and a tiny coffee-sized portion sells at $13. And we thought till now that only Starbucks are costly and most expensive.

An elephant takes 18 hours to eat the coffee cherries, semi-digest the beans and then poop them out effectively. Thank God, Elephants aren’t easy to kept in cage and capture so this keeps away many exploiters from harming them. So, every season, about 440 pounds of coffee gets produced, which delcines the power towards the supplier as there’s a plenty of demand.ivory kopi luwak elephant poop coffee

A Single elephant has to eat 33 kg cherries to create 1 kg coffee.

world’s costliest coffees are made from animals poop

ivory kopi luwak elephant poop coffee

Black Ivory Coffee, started by a Canadian Blake Dinkin, is produced exclusively in Thailand with Thai arabica coffee. Elephants are fed coffee cherries at the Golden Elephant Triangle Foundation which is a rescue organization. Blake Dinkin exclaims that the elephants deliberately produce a quite smoother bean because their diet is 100% herbivorous, unlike the civets. Animals are treated in a kind and non-cruel way, and also 9% of profits go to the sanctuary.

Well, now before you take your casual coffee, you might want to know from what it is made, isn’t it?

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/12/2015

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