Why Donald Trump can’t be the upcoming US President?

The real estate tycoon having swagger of a cowboy is in the buzz in the US media. Tycoon Donald Trump, who is a strong contender of the Republican team of presidential candidates, is a delight for journalists because he is a stand-up comic than as a serious presidential aspirant. Trump has been trying to provocative positions on crucial issues like immigration and casteism.

Why Donald Trump can’t be the upcoming US President?

He wished that he would build a wall across the US-Mexico border to end illegal immigration. Now Trump seemed to have broken his record of deceiving ban on Muslims entering the country to stop terrorism.donald trump factsKnow more about why Donald Trump is the strongest Contender of US President 2016

Why Donald Trump can’t be the upcoming US President?

White House spokesman declared that Trump was unfit to serve as president of the United States. One of the columnists also said,

“Trump should not rule the world he has made. In the new free-for-all, the Golden Rule and reason still matters, and attitude is not everything. ”

Republicans now reckon that Trump cannot be their man because he is too much proverbial. Trump is an outsider, and he has been playing that up as his strength. Like in many other countries, people at large are quite tired of mealy-mouthed politicians across the spectrum. He thinks that he is a man who is not afraid to speak his mind, & is a long-distance runner. He is unlikely to score in the Republican party primaries in the run-up to the presidential nomination next year. Meanwhile, the rich man with his rough manners will dominate media headlines. These are the reasons why Donald Trump can’t be the upcoming US President

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