WhatsApp Free Calling Feature – Enables to make Free Calls on WhatsApp

Earlier this year Free Calling Feature was added in the list of Upcoming Features at Mobile world congress by the CEO Jan Koum. This feature will enable you to make Free calls on WhatsApp to WhatsApp.

People always have wanted this service to be started by WhatsApp because the other service providers were not able to provide the Voice Calling service to their best and many companies did ended up because they were not able to maintain the service. So will the Voice Calling service feature make WhatsApp stronger or will make it fall?

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News? How did we know?

Well, it isn’t officially announced by the company that it will be adding the Voice Calling Feature it is just because the new strings like “Hang Up”, “Phone Aa Raha Hai” clearly indicates that WhatsApp will have the Voice Calling Feature soon, Here’s the screenshot in which shows that WhatsApp is working for the Voice calling Feature
Seeing the Screenshot above clearly indicates that WhatsApp is soon going to Launch the Voice Calling Feature. It won’t be the Voice Message Feature, it will be similar to the voice calling service provided by Viber.
The WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature will First come to Android Operating System and then on iOS and later will come on the other operating systems which include Windows OS, BlackBerry OS, Nokia’s Symbian OS and Android Wear as well!

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