What To Do When You Are Bored?

Boredom is one of the foes of happiness but for some people it is like a blessing. Thus, how exactly can you crusade the leisureness? Let’s go through some things you can do when bored.

What to Do When You Are Bored?

Below is the list which contains answer to the question “what to do when your bored?”. We have divided the solution into two parts.

Part 1 – What to do when you are bored and are inside the home or you can say you are indoor.

Part 2 – What to do when you are bored and are outside the home or you can say you are outdoor.

Lets Start with Part 1:

What to do when your Bored at Home:

1. Channelize your boredom into writing

what to do when your bored

When you are free totally or bored & you are thinking of nothing else then it’s time to write something. Writing is a scientifically proven method to pass the time & refresh your brain. Writing can include poetries on your loved ones, pets, and nature.

2. Room Transformer

what to do when your bored

Just like the Movie Transformer where a machine is converted to vehicle and vice versa, you can clear up your messy room and clean your tidy cupboard. Well, this will not only keep your boredom away but also soothe the atmosphere around you. With a clean room comes the new and creative energy to do other things.

3. Make a Video

what to do when your bored

This is the era of ‘YouTube‘ so you can use your ‘Broken Skills’ and pass the time to make video of your living place or surrounding, singing, or something that’s worth watching. Who knows if the same ‘Boredom’ Video goes viral?

4. Singingwhat to do when your bored

Don’t worry at all if you have a horrible voice, because Singing is a way to boost your moods such that it kills the boredom and motivates you to do innovative things.

5. Sketching it outwhat to do when your bored

Paint, Draw or Sketch it out when you are bored like hell because it is one of the unconscious skills to let your inner boredom comes out through the way of brush, pen, paper and canvas.

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