What Colors Make Brown?

If someone asks you a question ‘What Colors make Brown?’, then you can give a simple answer  that there are different combination by which brown color can be made. In the light-emitting RGB (Red Green Blue) paradigm,Brown is reddish with green thrown in at a little less than half the value of red. There is also enough blue to desaturate the chromaticity by approximately 50%. Some of the simplest combination are shown and explained below in detail.

What Colors make Purple?

Brown = Orange + Blue
= Green + Red
= Purple + Yellow

Technically, blue and orange will get you brown, but there are certain critical: Type and quality of paint, amount and quality of pigment used in the paint, the amount of each color used medium used as a binder in the paint, etc — will determine the hue and value of final color. There is no perfect or fix formula as the end result is purely subjective; my perception of brown will surely not be your brown.

What Colors make Yellow?what colors make brown

Basically, you will need proper amount of all the three basic colors which are Red, Yellow and Blue.By combining blue and orange, you will get a brownish color. Combining any two complements (opposites on the color wheel) you will get a brownish gray color. This is a chromatic neutral. You probably need know one important point that brown is not a very specific color. You may require to add black to darken,  yellow to enliven, and red to warm and enrich.

What Colors make Orange?

Remember either of the two steps:

  1. Mix the 3 primary colors together
  2. Mix a primary color with its complementary color to get brown.

Or You can use any of the below:

Blue + Yellow + Red (the blue & yellow will give you green)= Brown

Red + Green (little more red makes a Warmer brown)

Purple + Yellow (little more yellow for a more Golden Brown)

Blue + Orange (little more blue for a  khaki Brown)what colors make brown

In case if you want to lighten or darken brown, add white or black food coloring pastes. There are many browns, from light to dark Tones and any number of Purities (greyness). The only way to accurately get the brown you want is to use precise proportion of specific ingredient colors.

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