All you need to know about Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography: Era has changed and so as the Wedding Trends & Tendency; the Wedding photography has its own peculiar importance in every culture and traditions as it remains as the only generic and extra-ordinary memory for the future. There is an increasing trend of Pre-Wedding Photography nowadays. Oh, but it will cost you half of the cost involved in marriage! But don’t worry, there is something more to know about apart from the cost, and charisma. Let’s know in detail why wedding photography is elite and important, what are the aspects that should be known and how it should be wedding photography

Why You Should Pre-Book Wedding Photographers?

Choosing a photographer is as important as catering and the venue  the big day  is just a few months away. Shaadis have become more fashionable and a symbol of prestige so if you don’t hire a good photographer then you might lose some Gifting and realistic memories. So, pre-book a Wedding Photographer so as to have a mind boggling high resolution photography

Will Social Media Influence the Wedding?

According to the survey, a walloping 970 million  use Facebook daily. Today, a woman of 20s has more than 7 social media apps on her smartphone – out of which Instagram with 300 million users browsing through your feeds every day. It takes us less than a few seconds to find out what Deepika, Katrina or Kareena Kapoor wore to a friend’s wedding.  Social media has now become a big trend setter for all things related to weddings.what is ecommerceNew Era of Photography and Videography:

Enter the new era of Romantic wedding as the photographers are not old schoolers hired from a local photography studio. These guys are your generation; having a professional degree and an edit room with bunch of big lenses. A Wedding photographer, Arjun Kartha, exclaims,

“With the world becoming a very tiny place to live and  hence couples want their best day to be accessible to everyone on the internet.”

wedding photographyHow Photographers Get to Know the Couple?
Just like an interview, Photographers asks about the hobbies, favourite destination, their favourite postures, pouts, etc. and know them personally before the pre-wedding shoot. Gone are the days of the bride and groom-to-be posing with no emotions because of the latest generation photography where almost every single moment is a ‘Perfect Click’.wedding photography

What Does an Average Wedding Shoot Have?wedding photographersIt all starts with a pre-wedding shoot, then the eccentric shoot of the marriage ceremony and the post wedding shoot- it varies from 5 Lakh to 15 Lakh packages as per the destination chosen by the couples for the shooting. Manmeet Singh, famous photographer, charges between Rs 3.5 lakh – Rs 7 lakh per wedding, while Arjun Kartha charges upto Rs 2.5 lakh for a 2-day wedding. A few costs are fixed but few services to the couple are summed up as per the couple’s photography

The excitement of the relationship starts with a pre-wedding shoot and is topped up by at-home functions like mehendi and haldi. Good photographers don’t miss the emotional and romantic moments  to make a beautiful story from their 2-3 days photography

“We make pretty sure that best cameras, equipments lenses, backgrounds, and editing technology is used. We spend weeks curating, editing and finalising pictures that are then approved by the couple ” expresses a Photographer. From the look, feel and structure of the mandapa to father-daughter emotions- the heart of the wedding story is in candid portraits, bride’s pose and photographer

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