Stop calling them topless pics: Krishna Shroff

Krishna Shroff Topless Pics

Jackie Shroff’s daughter Krishna is still in the hot trends of Bollywood Gossip and to add an insult to that injury, she just made it more controversial by expressing something what she shouldn’t. The 22-year-old is already in the news, magazines, blogs and social media from the day she uploaded her topless images. It went viral and to an extent she can’t imagine as the Internet has been the main source of spreading the most trending things in the market.

Krishna Shroff expressed her rage speaking, “The photographs are neither nude nor topless, so stop calling it with such disgusting words of shame.” Naive and unaware of what she revealed, she is going to put herself in big trouble. Her father doesn’t seem to comment on the issue and has avoided it necessarily. She hit headlines in every source of Internet vitality and she seems to have gain some proud from all this debates between her and the society.

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On being asked about Krishna Shroff Topless Pics why she posed in such a bizarre way, she commented, “I am sick of people calling the photographs as topless. I thought I looked cracking in those photos and the only reason why I uploaded them on my Instagram was that it was a hard work of months. I like them. They are for me and me. I am surprised as why people are so interested in my personal life.”

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She added saying, “It didn’t mean to prove anything as for those who do an assumption of me doing photography for my upcoming Bollywood debate is a total blunder. People have got a ridiculous supposition that I would follow my brother and father. I have my own life to pave the path, but I am happy for my family to be in the prestigious industry and don’t at all expresses my entry in the industry.”

Krishna Shroff to promote his brother in Hero movie
Krishna Shroff to promote his brother in Hero movie

Krishna Shroff Topless Pics

Afterwards in an unofficial report, she claimed saying, “It is totally untrue that I am doing a film with Aamir Khan albeit I never spoke to Aamir sir, but I am fully involved in teaching kids to play basketball. I will openly confirm it by myself if any such news will prevail and people shouldn’t bother about me very much.”  She emphasized on telling “I have no Bollywood aspirations like my brother Tiger Shroff.”

.The free-willed, self-confessed, feisty, spunky and beautiful daughter of Ayesha and Jackie Shroff has created a flutter for sure in the social networks and Bollywood for her bold photographs. She insisted on saying “My Instagram page is my personal account to show my moods, artistic photography just like every normal account holder do. I didn’t even upload them to make them encore. I think I’m super-interesting to talk about.”krishna shroff nude

Krishna Shroff Topless Pics

She finally revealed on how those pictures were taken, she laughed and said,

”My best friend and I were merely experimenting with the poses and camera. I didn’t have any mischievous thing in my mind.”

Who knows that the reality would have been behind this, but it’s crystal clear that she just got more than enough publicity ‘Free’.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/11/2015

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