The Originality of Swastika Symbol: Nazis had copied India’s prestigious symbol

Was “Nazi” symbol copied? What the symbol has to do India? Let’s get to know the Originality of Swastika Symbol. Yes, an astonishment to an indefinite group of people around the world, the “Nazi” symbol was embezzled from India. More surprisingly, the symbol and its empirical replicas can be found in almost all the antediluvian civilization around the globe. Originally, the Sanskrit word ‘Suastika’ was exercised but then ‘Swastika’ word was derived from the first.

swasthik symbol

Today, the word is popularly used in India which resembles the either of the many meanings from: Eternity, bliss, wellbeing, good luck, peace, prosperity, fortune, and so forth. For the western countries, the symbol has been attached with Nazi Party, Germany since 1930. But it is an auspicious and promising signature in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.

Originality of Swastika Symbol

This very short video clip will corresponds to the originality of where the Swastika symbol and word was originated. Check out this video below:

Video-Clip: Watch the Origins of ‘Swastika’ symbol & Originality of Swastika Symbol.

swasthik symbols

Nobody would have ever thought of this symbol having so many hidden sources, past and mysteries. This symbol is depicted in a Roman mosaic at the Villa Romana del Casale, Sicily; also Swastika seems to appear on an art floor at the Lullingstone Roman Villa in Kent, England. This symbol has the most significant importance in pre-Word War I and Nazi Germany used it prior World War II. Originality of Swastika Symbol is mindblowing and breathtaking to many of those who didn’t know the facts.

Thus, this symbol is not just copied by various countries and their traditions but also being showed as their prestigious inventions reclaiming the India’s symbol as their true value of the history involved. A symbol is always an exigent aspect to show the beauty and power altogether but when it’s lost to some ‘Hateful’ version then it ‘s distressing. Hence, this was the focused Originality of Swastika Symbol.

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/11/2015


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