The Fallout 4 Game: Images and Clips Leak prior release

The ‘Fallout 4’ Game release is just a few days away, but unofficial leaks of screenshots have made quite a buzz in the market. Fans aren’t feeling easy because of the images, clips and posts of the game being uploaded in the gaming forums and other websites as they want this to be a sensational surprise.

What is the buzz? Why is gaming fan upset?

Counting upon the images leaked, many fans reckon that the graphics aren’t up to the mark and the surrounding textures aren’t catchy but are flat and a bit off. While going through the video clips, they are deprived of ‘The Real Feel’ what a gaming fan needs when they see non-linearity in the facial and lip animations.

fallout 4 leaks

The reviews are mixed as some claims “As it’s Bethesda game, it will have so many blunders in it.” While some are saying “They obviously expect some better and fully-fledged game sequel in the Fallout series.” Many says, “Though Bethesda has horrible animations, this time it shouldn’t be given a chance to rectify its mistake. As it’s an era of great VFX, Fallout 4 seems to have got the good animation to stay in the market.

Let’s sneak through some of the screenshots here, and a collection of the videos here, also have a look at few responses to the footage.

Worries for Bethesda:

Obviously, the fans are aware of the unambiguous fact that Bethesda has improved drastically in the Fallout series and this melioration has been significant till Fallout 3. The series hasn’t paved the linear path but made some revolutionary changes in this game. Also, climb up from Fallout 2 to Fallout 3 was splendid stretching the reflexes of the competitors of Bethesda. According to the game critics, the coming sequel will be jaw-dropping for the gaming fans but yes, it might have some negative feedback also because of the leaks.

fallout 4 leak

It has been 7 years since Fallout 3 was released and no doubt about the part-4 being awesome because of the crusade and variation, the team has put in it. The fans will be happy only if they don’t expect ultra-high specifications for Fallout 4 as the technical team has comparably made slow progress in the game engine.

Fallout 4 do have other world famous games, to name a few: Just Cause, Borderlands, Far Cry, Halo, Call of Duty, Destiny, Tomb Raider and Mad Max. These games are incredibly designed and the explicit territory is so complicated that it can burst anyone’s head. The beautiful and catchy looking games have justified their fans when it comes to playing constantly for a day or two.

Bethesda officials say,

“It’s not a good idea to evaluate a game by leaked content. They are highly compressed videos and images. We ensure that the game is worthy for the fans and we bet they will reinforce their faith over Fallout series.”

The best way to combat this unsanctioned images and clips is to officially put their original HD screenshots and footage as a teaser to get gamer’s attention and seek their confidence. Bethesda will have to stop all these leaks as the buzz of the controversy is spreading and the most suitable way to combat is to highlight the game’s strongest sections before the launch in contrast of the leaks.

The Game will be officially released on November 10, 2015.

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