Ten Terrific Thank you Gifts for your Close Friends

Thank you Gifts: Friends are the ones who remains with us for a life-long time. They help us in our troubles and trucks; so it is our genuine responsibility to give and greet them with the thank you gifts. Here are some terrific Ideas for the Thank you Gifts.

Thank you Gifts

1. Key Chain
It is a small yet useful article as boys are usually careless and they lose their keys every now and then so gifting him a key chain with his Name and a Heart engraved on it can be a great idea as it will fulfill both purposes. If your boyfriend has a bike, you should waste no time in gifting him a keychain. I’m sure he’ll love it.

Here are some of the other Gifting Ideas
2. Poemthank you giftThis can be a special gift to your boyfriend. Express your feelings and emotions in the form of self-written poem or some shayaris and gift that page to him secretly on any of your meeting with him. A typical girly thing it is, but he can boast in front of his friends that “her girlfriend” (i.e. you) writes poems for him. It would be such a proud moment for him in front of his friends!

3. Handmade Cardthank you giftsHand Made Card is a cute way to make him think about you .You can make a beautiful big card with some pics of your selfies taken together as these will help him to cherish memories .To add its grace write few Love Quotes on it. It will really works.

4. Thank You Gifts as Love Parcel
Pen down some beautiful and loving lines “why you love/like him “and then put each of them in a separate envelope, one for each day or you can also put all the envelopes in a box and courier it at his address. Reading those lines in leisure time will increase your love for you.

5. Coffee Mug
This is a gift by which he will start his day thinking of you. Gift him with a Morning and Evening Coffee Mug. To make it special you can have his picture or a personalized quote on it. This is one of the best Thank you Gifts that can be willingly submitted.


It is the basic need of boys and they usually carry it with them. Moreover some boys are crazy about wallets so you can gift him a branded leather wallet. If that guy really likes you he can keep a pic of yours in it. Don’t force him, but yeah, if the wallet is gifted by you, there’s quite a possibility your pic will find the place in his money keeping kit (wallet).

7. Wrist Watch
Watch is a daily wear article and if your guy is punctual then he really needs one. It will also help him to meet you on time. Moreover he will think of you every morning while wearing it. Of course, he will think of you every time he checks the time out.

8. Shades/Goggles
Nowadays boys are crazy for trendy shades as they boost up their personality. So gift him branded goggles as he will use it whenever he will go out. Of course, it also adds for your boy’s handsomeness. Don’t be jealous if girls swoon over him when he steps out in those swanky shades.

9. Belt
If your boyfriend is fashion forward think of gifting him a branded belt specially Armani brand as boys are going crazy for this brand. You will always be remembered by gifting him this feasible gift. My mind has some naughty ideas while buying the belt, but let’s not go there. This is one of the best Thank you Gifts that can be given.

10. Shirt.
Going to meet him today? Bring a shirt for him of his favorite colour. Tell him you saw his favorite colour and couldn’t stop yourself. After all your man don’t need any special occasion to get gifts from you.

11. Documents file.thankyou gifts
Your man is working, and his documents always give him tension? He has so much papers but not in a settled way and this often makes him worried. Gift him a document file and arrange all his documents in that. It will make him feel that you are the right girl for him.

12. Music instruments as Thank you Giftsthankyou gift
Your boy is a big fan of music? He likes playing instruments?
Then gift him his favorite instrument. Whatever he likes to play or plays the best. It will give him a touch of your dedication you have towards your relationship.

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