Blast in Stockholm because of Gas Leak.

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Stockholm, Capital of Sweden, is the most populous city of Nordic region with having almost 14 islands over its coast. According to RT reports, there has been a huge blast heard or an explosion caused by some gas leak, but still the sources are finding to know what actually happened. The blast heard in ‘Center of Stockholm‘ at around 11:40 am local time was mild. According to one of the local eye witness, the blast area is around Brännkyrkagatan on Södermalm.

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Immediately after the accident, the streets and surrounding buildings have been blocked off to make sure about the safety of the localities. Police have already started about the cause and trying to know the reason of the explosion. Though the nearby person who saw the blast called it as “Powerful”, there was no major casualties or injuries. And Police have confirmed that the incident is not as serious as it seemed as per the sound of the blast heard. Also, they ensured to keep calm to the people around as there is ‘No signs of a Crime’.

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The explosion site is now occupied with ‘Swedish Police‘ to investigate on the matter deeply. Emergency services were also seen at the site but there was no official known cause of the matter and the early stage investigation is going on. The owner of the apartment (Blast occurred) has been communicated to reach to the site as soon as possible.The Police spokesman reveals, “It is not still clear about what happened actually and we are there to investigate it thorough.” They have had a keen observation at the shattered nearby apartment window but still they are vague in relating to the explosion.

What police say on Stockholm blast: (Twitter Account of Carl Frid):

Fridh Kleberg:

*Reportedly happened 11:40
*Cause unclear (maybe gas)
*No known danger to ppl
*One window may be smashed.

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