Space Glass For Sipping Space Whisky

The International Space Station (ISS) crews, lately miss the Earth like things up there, in their surroundings. A Scottish distillery, Balentine has commissioned an Open Space Agency team which is led by Jame Parr, for developing Balentine’s Space Glass whisky for astronauts in space. This might give those astronauts up there some homely feeling rather than sipping juice through straws from plastic bags. Balentine has designed this using a 3D plastic material, which can be easily made by astronauts up there.
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There were various tests held to study the behaviour after in taking whisky under zero gravity. The space glass has a globe like structure with a sealed top and screwable base. The glass is a bit hefty, and weighs 10 kg (22lb) on earth, which gives a bot of inertia and holds it to the table in zero gravity.
James Par, the designer of the project explained “We are using inertia and the notion that the whisky will stay at rest while the bottle and the glass is moved around the resting liquid. Motion one pulls the whisky into the base of the glass, then motion two is to roll the whisky in your hand and let the heat transfer through the metal base into the liquid itself. Step three involves then moving the glass down prior to moving your nose into the space where the vapors are resting. The final motion is to move the glass upwards to capture the liquid in the base plate and let it enter your mouth.”
The whisky in the Space glass tastes stronger on earth so that it can nullify the nasty flavour of bringing it from plastic, and also microgravity suppresses the taste. “In space, you do not experience the sense of smell and taste with the same intensity as you do on Earth. This meant I had to make the Ballantine’s Space Whisky more heightened in flavor and robust whilst maintaining the Ballantine’s signature style. Astronauts miss the taste of home so crafting a fruitier, stronger, more floral blend is a way they can keep the taste of home with them.” states Sandy Hyslop, Ballantine’s Master Blender

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/10/2015

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