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Have you ever heard that you can wear a Theatre? No is what I’ll be hearing but you will soon see a Wearable Theatre because Sony- Tokyo based electronics company introduced the world’s first Wearable Theatre – The Personal 3D Viewer on 7thOctober, 2013.

The Personal 3D viewer you will experience 2D as well as 3D visual experience, The Personal 3D viewer will not only give you a good visual experience but with this you will enjoy the sound quality as well, and when you have both- Good Sound and Visual effect you make out the best. When you will use this viewer you will feel as if you are watching in a theatre, you will feel as if you are sitting 12 feet away from a 150 inch screen.

Features of the Personal 3D Viewer

  • 150 inch screen in front of your Face
    At the time you use wear this viewer and watch a video, movie, you will feel like you are watching it in a 150-inch screen which is 12 Feet away from the place where you are sitting

  • Dual High-Definition OLED displays

    OLED displays are most commonly used in High-ended Smartphone’s, they are famous for the outstanding brightness, contrast, colour and clarity. The OLED display provides an autonomous image, yet matched image for each eye. It assures that you will get an awesome 2D and 3D experience.

  • Virtual 5.1 Built-in Headphones

    This viewer is not just powered by a Good display but it is also supported by a virtual 5.1 surround sound headphones which riches the sound experience which will be similar like the sound you hear while watching a movie in a theatre surround sound.

  • Head-mount display is adjustable for comfort purpose
    The Head Mount Display is the part of the display which will enable us to wear the device. The Head Mount Display is completely adjustable for head size and comfort. The comfort provided increases due to the light weight of the Viewer. So at the time you watch movie or play games you will enjoy it to the fullest.

  • HDMI cable pass through

    With the help of an HDMI cable you will be able to connect your Television to this viewer and will be able to see the movie/video/image which you were watching in the television with this viewer. You just need to turn-on the viewer and connect it to your television. The images which were being displayed in your television will automatically get displayed in the viewer.

  • Price 

    The price of the Sony Personal 3D Viewer is 69990 INR, To buy it you can visit Sony’s Official site. You can Buy it from the Exclusive Sony showrooms when the Viewer will be available there.

  • Only Used by People Above 16

    This Viewer can only be used by the people above 16, People below 16 cannot use the Viewer as they may affect the Eyes and Ears if the organs are not developed.

    Image source : Sony

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