Shashank Arora, Titli, steals heart of meaningful cinema lovers

Shashank Arora, a-1989-born guy, has achieved stardom from his recently released movie ‘Titli’. The 6-film-old actor has managed to engage the audience with his splendid performance. Having passion in music and theaters, Titli actor flew to Montreal, Canada to study cinema and acting. Primarily, he joined and then handled a street theater group which was collaborated by ‘Human Right Activity’. He finally landed in Mumbai to pursue his future in the Bollywood. Lipstick Waale Sapne, A God of Sinners, Myoho, Bhukhe-Short film, The Double Shuffle-Documentary showcased his creativity as a Versatile actor.

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Movie Review:Kanu Behl, the director of Titli, was backed by Yash Raj Films to support the star cast and fulfill the endeavor of broadcasting a ‘Typical Delhi Family’ who is quite weird and abnormal.  The movie focuses on the dysfunctional, working, a middle-class murky family who resembles like animals. It circulates around the theme ‘How Humanity makes the path to barbarity’ when survival is the only question.

The Protagonist, Shashank Arora, is reckless and wants to fly away from the chains of his gloomy family. He is desperate to find his own ecstasy unveiling the secrets of life. The boy justifies the character in himself to glue the audience on their seat. Despite the young age, he was able to show the mature outbursts and vulnerable circumstances in the entire movie. The newcomer is carved marvelously to make a thunderous show in crime, mercy and rage. The youngest brother in the family is stoic, an absolute monotonous with his behavior, heated up the movie.

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Titli is also applauded because of Ranvir Shorey, Vikram, the eldest of the three brothers is a frustrated man who is living his life in penury and criminalistics ideology. Hammer is his main weapon which he functions to beat his enemy and show his madness. The fury is filled in his mechanical mind and he too plays a power-packed performance. Thanks to the scriptwriter and Siddharth Diwan’s cinematography which captured the other unseen, untold side of Delhi and uneasiness in the urbanization.

Shivani Raghuvanshi (Neelu), the wife of Titli, is a brave girl of Delhi who is keen to bring out anything that she wants to take out from her life. The chemistry of Titli and Neelu boomed sincerely in the movie. Thus, it is an amalgamation of every masala characters, plots, and emotions.titli movie review

Shashank is climbing the stairs in full pace so as to make way for himself in the ‘Bollywood’s Newcomers List’. The acting, story, and the characters haunts you even after you leave your seats as the evocative background and full flared sharp edits makes this movie in a separate list of ‘Meaningful Cinemas’ which seemed quite a rare nowadays.

Though more like a documentary but good enough to give you Goosebumps every minute, this movie is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Nature, troubles, fervor and angst, moaning, the clinking of bangles, etc. spun like an artistic carving. Shashank has perfectly made the audience clear about asking uncomfortable questions about their own existence at a later stage of life.

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