19 Scariest Horror Movies till Date

Watch this terrifying and Scariest Horror Movies ever closing the doors of the rooms and make it whole dark, we dare you. Why? Because here is the list of top horror movies that will are so scary that you can’t watch it solitary (Don’t even think about it). Sorting all the scariest horror movies till date year wise, let’s glance over the Top 19 horror Movies.

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Scariest Horror Movies

  1. Nosferatu 1922scariest horror movies

Showing the fear of the main characters can pull on the audience’s terror strings more than putting Ghosts and Zombies on screen & this is what this film has got- the starting of Ghost Era, Nosferatu is awesome horror movie for horror fans.

2. The Haunting 1963scariest horror movies

Creepiness of the situation and superb acting is one of the reason for this haunted house movie to be scary. The horror flick has been making audiences frightened to sleep alone for more than 50 years. Fear is more psychology wise and some gory scenes make this 1960s movie in the very best of scariest horror movies till date.

3.The Exorcist 1973scariest horror moviesA classic horror movie of 1970s in which an innocent little girl controlled by a demon. The Movie Exorcist has been bewitching viewers since the film’s release in 1973. You won’t forget claustrophobic nature of an ordinary family, revolving head scene and her unnatural body positions. Based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, the film is entirely convincing and contains some absolutely spirit-stopping moments that terrify even the toughest horror fans.

4.The Omen 1976scariest horror movies1970s is also famous for this one of the breath-taking and scariest horror movies ever ‘The Omen’ where the story rotates around a Child who is naive but catch a Devil-Spirit inside him & behaves totally weird. The unusual and horrific face with his eyes splashed and shining in some scenes are definitely scary.

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5. The evil dead 1981scariest horror moviesOne of the scariest horror movies is this because even the trees rupture miserable teenagers apart in this pre-Spider-Man wink from director Sam Raimi, which has enough murder and supernatural havoc to certify an NC-17 rating. This is a must watch film for those who don’t want to stand up because of the Tight-Scary-Terrified atmosphere the movie creates around.

6. The Thing 1982scariest horror movies

If you have not already seen this movie, then you need to add it to your watch list. You are sure to share in the family’s fear as ordinary household objects start to turn against them. Just make sure you have company when you watch this movie. Watch it alone, and even the normal environment of your home could start to creep you out.

7. Poltergeist 1982scariest horror movies

Another amazing creepy horror film is Poltergeist, which was released in 1982. In this movie, evil is wholly faceless and terrifying altogether, but in reality it adds to the scare factor. The Freeling family live in an pleasant and perfect community in California named Cuesta Verde. Their peaceful lives are interrupted when weird and unusual occurrences start taking place in their home. The Poltergeist is speculated to be cursed due to the amount of real life deaths that happened during the its making. The actress who plays the eldest daughter Dana was brutally murdered at the age of 22 by her abusive boyfriend. main character in the show, the youngest daughter Carol Anne, Heather O’Rourke died at the age of 12 after complications arising from surgery.

8.The Silence Of The Lambs (US), 1991scariest horror movies
Do Watch Anthony Hopkins’ unbelievable performance in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ as it was so convincing, that for sometimes we feel that he was actually an anthropophagus. He had to make a public announcement that he never tasted human flesh and had no intentions of doing so in the coming time.

9. Scream 1996scariest horror movies

This movie needs no description as the ‘Scream Franchise’ is very popular for it’s slasher, mystery, horror and scary sudden moments in the film with satirising attacker. The effect of late Wes Craven’s 1996 teen slasher is still in the minds of the people. Normal premise , Murderer in Mask focusing high schoolers, yet it’ll still scare the hell out of you.

10. The Blair Witch Project 1999scariest horror moviesIn 1999, at the release of The Blair Witch Project had audiences congregation to the movie theaters to see what all the niggle was about. It is too tough to depict exactly why this film is scary, but you will almost admire the scary eyes and voices of the characters on screen. The publicity surrounding the movie reached a fever pitch after it was reported that the caught events on camera really did transpirate. In the very beginning, the audience is told that they are watching a real footage that was found in a forest in the US.

11. The Ring 2002scariest horror movies

Based on a Japanese movie, The Ring involves a haunted videotape which frightens to murder anyone who does not show the tape to others within 7 days of watching it. Shockingly, the terror spreads soon and only increases as the film progresses. The epic scene of this movie is when the figure of a young girl who was jailed in a well jumps out of the TV screen.

12. The Grudge 2002scariest horror moviesFrom the huge success of The Ring, The Grudge is one more offensive illustration of the remake from Japanese movie that features a nurse, Sarah Michelle Gellar, who witnesses a horrifying Ghostly attack when she carries a Dementia patient. As the movie ends, we learn that Ghosts have a reason for holding a grudge against the living, and that they are stubborn to continue their reign of terror. A sense of mystery and isolation makes the events seem even more and in the list of the scariest horror movies.

Based on theory “When a person dies in violent circumstances, a curse is born that transfers to another living person and then causes their sudden and unexpected death.The curse becomes a inhumane cycle growing even more strong with each victim.” the film is remarks an incredibly distressing death mixture from the vindictive spirits that will stay with you even after the movie.

13. The Orphanage 2007scariest horror movies

One of the scariest horror movies because: It occupies the total horror arrangement with ghost children and a distressing, certainly ordered murderous old woman. The critics say: “An atmosphere exudes with anxiety and grief in this doom-laden Spanish thriller.

14. Paranormal Activity 2007scariest horror movies

The movie is a terrifying experience that puts the viewer right in its core skin. People do compulsorily feel sympathy for the horrified characters onscreen that are being tramped down by a threatening presence hiding out in the woods.

15. The Strangers 2008scariest horror movies

Difficult to make you understand the concept of this one of the scariest horror movies, The Strangers is psychological, mysterious, horrific and ghostly drama where alien like evil comes in the house of a couple.

16. Insidious 2010scariest horror moviesEvery time a bowl-haired youngster finds themselves possessed by wrongdoing spirits, Hollywood just sparks such riveting horror, where a couple fight supernatural forces when their son get into an unconsciousness state, finding himself becoming the host for ghosts from an stellar dimension.

17. Sinister 2012scariest horror moviesUnlike spoilt brats, these kids are different and weirdly unique. This dark film can give the fortitude of men horrific goosebumps. No wonder it’s a favorite amongst horror fans and in the list of scariest horror movies ever.

18. The Conjuring 2013scariest horror moviesBased on true events, it is the recreation of the ghastly stuffs that one family went through when they move to a haunted mansion. Trust me, after watching this movie, you’ll be scared every time someone claps

19. The Babadook 2014scariest horror moviesThe Babadook is no ordinary horror movie. It tells the story of a mother struggling to control her young son who is plagued by visions of a monster he thinks is coming to kill them.

Now, you are scared, right? Obviously, because these list comprised of all the Sorted Horrifying Movies of all time till date. Want to sort more? Do watch our Editor’s Pick: Insidious, The Omen, Sinister, The Ring & The Grudge are all time scariest horror movies.

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