“No Kissing, Only Seeing”, Sanskari James Bond-Trending on Twitter.

Sanskari James Bond:Two ‘Kissing Controversies’ is trending: Kiss of Love– Gathered worldwide attention is again in the buzz and James Bond Kiss in Spectre. That’s right, CBFC (Central Bond of Film Certification) has finally given a Green Signal to the upcoming Daniel Craig’s Hollywood Movie Spectre. Though the signal came after 4 cuts which included two visual and two verbal. Talking about the ‘Trending Sanskari James Bond‘ in Twitter, there has been some massive viralness by Indians of Censor Board’s verdict of ‘Cutting Bond’s passionate and seducing kisses by 50%’. Moreover, 007 Detective can’t use ‘F’ word or ‘A**hole’.

Sanskari James Bond
Daniel Craig with his co-star Monica Bellucci

#Sanskari James Bond

Typical Indians think that it is only our country’s censor board who is narrow minded and cutting unnecessary scenes and vocals but CBFC has been in the sad bad news being trolled uproariously by tweeting in the most hilarious with the perfect and trending hashtag: #Sanskari James Bond.

Sanskari James Bond
New Weapon of Sanskari James Bond-Indian Trishul

While all this has become fun and parody with a celebration that James Bond can’t even kiss a girl and abuse the way he is the most popular to do, here are some of the humorous tweets:Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James BondSanskari James Bond

As per one of the faded song of Himesh Reshammiya “No Touching, No Touching, Only Seeing, Only Seeing.” It seems that Indian tradition, culture and sanskar are to be imitated the renowned Sanskari James Bond. Twitterits had some fun with posting images and adding their comments simultaneously to make the trend more viral.Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James Bond Sanskari James Bond

Sanskari James Bond: The Censor Board has taken a tomahawk to the movie Spectre, which opens in India on November 20, 2015 and the miserable Daniel Craig had his kissing scenes slashed by 50% and a couple of swear words demolished as DNA reports, “The length of the kisses were found to be unnecessarily excessive.” Some of the Alok nath and Censor Board Memes started to go viral in the social media and here are some of them.censor board james bond alok nath spectre sanskari

Rediff reported that Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) objections to James Bond’s bedroom exploits was astonishing and perplexing too as the previous Bond movies had everything that this movie has Within minutes, #Sanskari James Bond was trending, along with CBFC and now Sanskari James Bond is translated as ‘Traditional James Bond’.

However, this case is quite variant and special as CBFC has almost ruined the charm to see the upcoming Hollywood Bond Movie. It would be interesting to see how the movie will be (with the cuts) and how long will the “Sanskari James Bond” survives.

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