Samsung Galaxy Gear S Comes with Wide Flesky Keyboard


Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch today, but did a lot of planning before launching it in the IFA2014 Event. Samsung has Partnered with many brands in the previous month and it has partnered with Two Brands – Nike and Flesky specially for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S would be the first Smartwatch from Samsung which would facilitate making calls on 3G Network, but it did lack many things and people always dreamt of having some features like, Typing on a Smartwatch, But Samsung has finally made the dreams of the techies who dreamt of Typing on a Smartwatch come true by Adding a Keyboard for Galaxy Gear S 

As a result, Samsung has partnered with Flesky and it is said that the Galaxy Gear S has Wide Keyboard which will be designed by Flesky. This also shows that the Smartwatch will not only enable you to capture good images, send voice messages on WhatsApp or some other social networks but it will also enable you to make text messages.
Sooner or later WhatsApp, Facebook and other Social networks will also support chat and updating via the Samsung Galaxy Gear S.

Image Source : Flesky

Article publié pour la première fois le 03/09/2014

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