Explosion probably cause of Russian plane crash – Egyptian source | Reuters

Mysteries are solved rapidly in the Russian plane crash as according to Reuters,


This information was originated from an Egyptian source near to the crash site and investigation.The unfortunate accident took place on Saturday from Sharm el-Sheikh and waving to St Petersburg and 224 people on board were killed. On further investigation, Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reveals that a bomb could have been planted by some terrorist group or Islamic State.

But as the investigation has moved ahead, Egyptian source confirms that soon the real cause will be known to us and we will open it up as several examination of the sand at the site and determination of the explosion is going on. Also CNN express quoted U.S. official saying,

“There is an absolute chance it was an explosive attack in some luggage or elsewhere on the plane.”

Looking into this matter deeply, now Russian aviation is looking for something suspicious that could have been board causing the bizarre accident killing 224 people. They also says clearly ” The Airplane can’t just tear off in the air – some action must have taken.”

Security experts and officials told the Reuters that the plane is said to have been blowed from the outside and Sinai militants are not having such technology to fire down an airplane which is at 30k feet from the ground. Though nothing has been proved of the cause of the explosion, it is clear that the investigation is trying hard and fast to solve this mystery.

Before, Sinai has brutally killed 100s of Egyptian soldiers in 2013 after the huge protest done to oppose his rule. Is there any Revenge for Russian Airstrikes? Is Sinai the main culprits? Several questions is fuming around the crash site but lately on Wednesday, IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) ordered all the Irish airlines not to fly from the Sinai Peninsula until it is noticed.


The rumors are that Russian Airstrikes will have a revenge attack once there is an official confirmation of the source of the crash and the affiliates. There were 2 black boxes, one of which have been recovered, and the information is slowly decoded by the Egypt’s Civil Aviation. The ministry said,

“The second black box, which contains (CVR) Cockpit voice recorder, was  damaged and much work was required to extract data from it.”

Article publié pour la première fois le 05/11/2015

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