Rebel Galaxy Game Review: A massive destroyer in a deep space

Rebel Galaxy Game Review: Rebel Galaxy knocks off into a distant profound space where the gamer is not only having a craft with cannons all around but also liberalized to destroy anything and everything. The massively designed craft demolishes and bristles the opponents in the deep space. Pop Culture has been lovesome of the combination of fun, exploration and grit of outer space like: Cowboy Bebop, and Firefly. But this game is quite different than the already mainstay in games.

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Rebel Galaxy Game Review:

The game makes you feel like a Space Cowboy who begins the game by playacting story mode which is opened up by the ‘Mysterious package’ left. The chase is outstanding an takes the gamer to a wild journey and lot of goosing fun. The game is a hit because of the combination of many such aspects and 360 angled overview by the expert gamers.

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A Journey to a different World! Rebel Galaxy Game Review

The Gamer has the choice to make any way through the Galaxy by being: Scavenger, Champion, Trader, Rogue, Trader, Privateer, and anything intermediate. The universe shown in the Galaxy Game is randomly created to come across any space hurdles to scavenge the junkyards and hostile forces of the space stations filled with the weird aliens and other hunting backgrounds which surprisingly comes in between the way of the gamers to add the adventures.

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Rebel Galaxy Game Review

The Game is always given a sudden threat moment and they can’t predict the upcoming still with the country music playing in the backgrounds. Although Gaming fans misses Firefly in this where they can fantasize around the character of Nathan Fillion. The controls of the ‘Rebel Galaxy’ is similar to ‘Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag‘. Destroying in increments by firing the cannons and bullets at enemies by self defending themselves with shields and turrets.

The Game is a perfect blend of isolated place where you are put in the universe alone to explore and slay the enemies. However, it has got good graphics, fantastic pitch to the storytelling, rip roaring soundtrack, the game doesn’t have a huge production values of being big. The Game is highly entertaining and recommendable for the ones who wants to be simple silly though adventurous.

Rebel Galaxy Game Review:

Developed by “Double Damage Games”

Released on October 20,2015

Rating: 8/10

Price: 1,300 INR (Approx)

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/11/2015

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