Raid at Arvind Kejriwal’s Office stunned the whole country

A raid by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at CM’s office stunned the whole country. Enraged over the raid,  Arvind Kejriwal called Narendra Modi “psychopath and a coward”.raid at arvind kejriwal

The man behind this controversy is IAS official Ashish Joshi, the complainant against the Delhi government’s principal secretary Rajender Kumar. A former member-secretary of the Delhi Dialogue Commission, Ashish Joshi, had reportedly asked MK Meena (Lt Governor-appointed ACB Chief), to investigate the role of Rajender Kumar in education, IT and Health. He claimed that many private firms were profiting in all departments where Rajender was posted over the last 5 years.

Joshi had alleged that Kumar had set up various companies to award projects to without tenders. This was the reason that caused “financial loss” to the city’s government. Twitter reacts to this viral controversy and these are some hilarious and sarcastic tweets below:

Joshi also declared that when Rajender was posted as secretary (IT), he handled to get his company Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd registered with a PSU, so it could be awarded work without at arvind kejriwal

Raid at Arvind Kejriwal’s Office

The CBI still denies raiding the CM’s office and claims that it was searching the office and home of Rajender Kumar as he was the one accused of corruption in computer purchases. The agency claims it has found about Rs. 13 lakh cash and foreign currency worth Rs. 3 lakh in raids today on Rajender Kumar and another person. It said Rs. 2.4 lakh was found from Rajender Kumar’s home.

This morning, the CBI walked into the Delhi Secretariat, the headquarters of the city government, at around 9 am. Nearly 20 minutes later, the investigators were in the office of Rajender Kumar, next door to the Chief Minister. Mamata Banerjee tweeted: “Sealing of a Chief Minister’s office is unprecedented. I am shocked.” Mr Kejriwal, retweeting her comment, said it was “undeclared emergency.”

As political indignation over the raid reached Parliament, Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha: “No one from the CBI has entered Kejriwal’s room, the case is not connected to his tenure. The search is against an officer.” Mr Kejriwal accused the finance minister of “lying”. BJP called Mr Kejriwal’s words against the PM “abominable” and some opposition parties also felt that he should have been more restrained.

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/12/2015


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