‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 3’: Will be from a woman’s perspective

In a cut-throat competition in Bollywood where established names are failing, the director and producer of PKP2 is riding high on the road of success because of their movie doing incredible at the box office. Times of India’s interview with Luv Ranjan, director of the movie Pyaar ka Punchnama 2, and Abhishek Pathak, producer of the same reveals some unusual things about the movie in perception to public and the cast. Below are some of the selected questions and answers from the interview.

pyaar ka punchanama paro

Luv, Which one did better: Part 1 or PKP2?
We wanted to make this sequel more influential and impactful for the audience so that they don’t get bored of considering it as the replica of the previous one. We did make lot of efforts to several consistent weeks to define this part grab an own identity. I am glad that it worked.

Karthik Aryan and Nushrat Bharucha

The Adorable Jodi: Karthik Aryan and Nushrat Bharucha

Do you confess that guys loved the movie far more than girls?
Luv: Look, this is all about perception & genuinely I can’t categorize this movie gender wise but considering it as a philosophical way to see, then yes it will go for a toss.

Abhishek, what’s your take on Luv’s “PKP2 is a film on women empowerment”?
Abhishek: Last time, we both were fresh and we didn’t know the real deal in the B-town but this time the media had supported us undoubtedly. They came forward on welcoming this film with a lot of curiosity. And yes, it was a women empowerment film, giggles.

What is the reaction of the Bollywood Industry?
Abhishek: Obviously, everyone in this industry is not going to acknowledge us it as this movie is against the stereotype and an anti-love film makes it more difficult to justify this film with the trends. It can be said as a distortion. But I think it made its own way. It’s a box office hit, what else you require?

Ishita and Omkar: Engineering or Startup? in movie PKP2
Ishita and Omkar: Engineering or Startup? in movie PKP2

Is there going to be any third part?
Luv: Actually, I wanted to make the second part from a female perspective but I couldn’t so I guess there’s a thought that we may. There is enough scope to give the room for part-3 humor wise too if it’s from ladies’ side.

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This movie is famous for the guy’s being ‘Ban Gaya Kutta’ quote when they are in relationship with the voguish, modern and committed girls. Karthik Aryan pitching for a long breath taking dialogue in the both the movies is mind blowing and has been loved by the guys especially. It always gets ‘YouTube’ hits since the video would often be narrated as ‘Man’s best friend in relationship’.

The PKP2 showed all the three guys totally different and justified every one of them: Engineer confused with his job and startup was an attraction as the actors justified their role. Karthik and Nushrat in pair is romantic enough to be applauded by the fans in the theatres with ‘Whistles’.

Hope, we get to see the third part as this unique-genre movie are rare to see in the Bollywood.

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