Photographer’s Navigation in creating an escapade Journey

A Photographer is someone who seizes and captures with extra-ordinary timing as his navigation through the journey of seconds and minutes is quite different than the rest of us & that is what makes them salient. We will see some of the marvelous photos of my friend Krunal Bhadresa. Let’s go to an peppy journey of his navigation through pictures and my description through words. From tears to happiness, pauper to rich, emotional to uproarious, we have tried explaining every aspects of life through the photographs which are clicked at explicitly perfect time and this navigation will motivate you for sure, I bet you.

Photographer’s Navigation

Photographer's Navigation

What would you not do to stay peppy? Does happiness actually stay?

Perhaps not! We are peppy and we also are sad but nothing stays forever. With time, the weathers of life keep on changing. Some days are peppy while some are sad.  But looking at the small things in life, like watching a little kid laugh his heart out, watching the sun rise and set, watching the sea waves coming and going at the sea shore, watching birds flying free in the skies and what not!

These small things mean a lot sometimes if we look at them closely. There’s a hidden happiness that is temporary but it is in its purest form. We taste utter happiness in these little things even though it doesn’t last longer but who has got time for this?  We’re too busy in grabbing the reasons for our bigger joys, which aren’t even peppy in real. We work to have a better life which doesn’t mean happiness but luxury. Happiness lies in little things if we look closely to life because big reasons for big happiness rarely come. And to be peppy, one should start gathering the little temporary happiness from those little things that bring our real smile. It’s like a glass bangle, a girl would buy it with utmost desire and will wear it with pride but it’s meant to be temporary, so it’ll be broken. But for those blissful moments when she wore them, the girl was actually peppy!

Photographer's Navigation pic

Since birth till the day we die, we live abundant moments, we make abundant memories, we go through abundant emotions and we meet so many people. But when we’ll die, what would it feel like? Wouldn’t all the memories and all the people get recalled? Wouldn’t we want to relive? Wouldn’t we strive hard to breathe some more? But it’ll all be useless because our life would eventually end. The disappointing realization through it all is that death must be the most melancholy situation of our life, when even our loved ones wouldn’t be able to help us live a little more.  We would remember the good times and the awful times too, where they all were together with us, they all might still be with us and after we die, they might get sad too. They’ll eventually get absorbed in their own lives sooner or later. And the journey we would leave behind will only be a memory. It surely had them all involved in it but it’ll be called OUR LIFE!

 Everyone wants to be valued. We all seek some importance and respect from people that surround us and that’s the major reason why we get hurt most of the times. We get hurt because someone just ignored us straightaway, we get hurt because someone didn’t pay attention to us, and we get hurt because they did what we never wanted them to do, they didn’t listen to us or they never cared for us! The sole reason sometimes is what we expect doesn’t get accomplished and we end up being hurt. But still sometimes, we have that hope of getting valued even after getting ignored.

Photographer's Navigation

Photographer's Amazing Click

Life is another name of running. Some run faster and some run slower but some are there who don’t even run. They are just meant to lag behind because their conditions tell them so.  They might be the poor ones or the disabled ones who’ve been told every day that they’re not worth enough to even stand beside the ones who’re well off. They don’t even dare to run with the well-off people because since birth, they’re told to stay away. And the ones who told them so include us! We can see it in our body language how we react when someone who is lower in life style to us, comes around. We don’t like them most of the times.

But why do we do that? Instead if we’re well off, we must feel our self-blessed. We should rather help them survive in this fast moving world. We must help them in every way we could. If they’ve been crippled by the circumstances, we can hold their hand and run with them. We won’t lose a thing and they’ll gain much. And with them, we’ll gain even more!

Photographer's Navigation

It’s Okay, life gets blurry sometimes. We’re the human beings. We’re totally packed with emotions and sentiments. Up to the brim, we’re filled with feelings and they want their escape sometimes.  Happiness has its vent out as laughter, if we feel good, we smile, if we are frustrated or angry, we shout. And the worst of all, sadness has its vent out as crying! We feel heavy, burdened and so much filled sometimes that we cry. Tears flow down coming out of nowhere sometimes. And not only sadness, a huge amount of happiness also makes us cry.

But why do we hide while crying? We don’t want anyone to see us crying because it’s not a good thing as per us. Specially men! They feel crying as their weakness and they would never want anyone to witness them crying. But hey! You’re human beings first before being a man or a woman. And crying is our trait. We were born crying! So there’s no shame in letting the emotions out. It’s okay! If you’re sad, cry, cry harder, let it all out but then is strong enough to let it all flow through your tears and make sure you don’t cry for that reason again! This is one of his best splendid navigation where he observes there can be smile from anywhere even if there are cries around.

Creative Photography

We are always with feelings overloaded in us.  The feeling can be any but we never fail to feel as long as we’re alive. We laugh, we smile, we cry, we scowl, and what not. But the most common feeling around everywhere is the feeling of affection and love.  Be it anything, if it pleases us, we just love to stay with it for as long as we can. We love it and we show little gestures of affection towards it. Similar is with people around us. We come across many of them in our life and we do whatever it takes, to keep the ones peppy with whom we’re closely related and sometimes, we make those smile too whom we barely reckon.  It’s just the matter of feelings. We’ll do what we feel. But are we striving too hard to bring a smile on their faces?

 Our efforts are golden if we’re drawing forth peppy curves on someone’s lips but they must not take more than what it’s required.  We must not start trying too hard to make others peppy that one day we lose all our happiness and charm of life. It’s good to live for other’s happiness but that would slowly fade away if we’re not peppy our self.  So try making others smile, it’s the best thing one can do but before that, curve your lips and smile inside out yourself!

Photographer's Navigation

Many people, in the whole world are such with great stories of struggle in their life. They’ve reached certain heights, starting from nowhere. Like a person living in a village in India, strives hard to study outside his village and besides much pressure of the family, he manages to get a decent job in the city. That’ll be his greatest achievement because starting of nowhere, he reached somewhere.

If we struggle hard to come out of weaker circumstances and achieve something better, we should always set much higher goals for our children. Asking them to follow the similar path would hinder the growth that they ought to have. You grew somewhere then why stop the process? Expect your children to grow further so that this constructive process goes on and on and on. Don’t get stuck in a humdrum streak of achievements. Invest in better ones!

Hope, the combo of words and Photographer’s Navigation may have create a penchant within you to click something from today. We all have a photographer inside though naive but is sufficient to keep our conscience and soul satisfied. This is how, one shouldn’t have to be dependent on anybody in life at any duration or interval of life. This is not socrates philosophy but it’s my simple theory to live a jubilant life & let me tell you ‘It works!’

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