[News] Pay bills through twitter in India

Twitter users in India could presently be able to pay their bills tho’ the micro-blogging web site, the media reportable. The company has declared a partnership with India-based start-up operation to modify users send a right away message to @lookuplite so as to book appointments, inquire concerning services and create transactions with businesses, Techcrunch reportable. Lookup lets retailers and customers chat with one another through direct electronic communication.Twitter1 Twitter

It boasts of one. 2 million registered users despite listing merchants from city, urban center and Bengaluru.In the new arrangement, orders and payments would be consummated individually and offline with Twitter merely facilitating the oral communication. Lookup can use Twitter’s API, similarly as its observance capabilities, to handle connecting the client to the potential merchandiser. Instead of connecting users through phone numbers, operation instead uses Google Maps to administer users a read of all the retailers in their space.

Article publié pour la première fois le 28/12/2015

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