11 unknown facts about Paul Walker’s brother

The F&F franchise has generated over $1 billion in the 7th edition but it still has three movies to go in its series. ‘Furious 8’ will be released in 2017 but the main question that stands along is ‘Who will replace Paul Walker?’. Paul Walker passed away in 2013 but the production team has officially not made any speculations about his surrogacy. One of the most relentless rumors is that Paul Walker’s Brother ” Cody Walker” served the star as his body double will lead in the coming 3 movies. According to Australia Network News, Cody Walker, Paul Walker’s Brother, might take the role of Brian O’Conner’s junior brother who the family reckoned that the family had disappeared in wartime.paul walker's brother

The VFX team of Furious 7 digitally recreated Paul with the help of Paul Walker’s Brother Cody and precisely anticipated the challenging scenes in the movie with the leading star. According to Martin Hill who is Weta visual-effects Head, ” It was tough to recreate the scenes when Paul is sitting still and delivering dialogue in closeup as we didn’t have the action and the kinetic cutting to assist the scenes from distraction.”

Cody Walker is one of the five siblings Paul, Caleb, Ashlie, and Amie. He managed to finalize the last scenes of F&F 7 with utmost efforts from VFX team of the franchise.paul walker's brotherHere are some scenes that was re-created using a combination of  old footage of Walker and scans of Paul Walker’s brothers (Cody and Caleb) and John Brotherton (who matched Walker’s build).

  1. In one of the Brian Driving Scene through the desert, Mr. Noody (Kurt Russell) and Dom (Vin Diesel) are in the backseat and Paul is trying to get to Los Angeles quickly, the performance was so nuanced that everybody thought it was real Walker but in fact, he was Paul Walker’s brother.paul walker's brother2. The dazzling scene was a car jumping between skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, Weta captured a crucial quiet moment for Walker. Vin Diesel asks Walker,  “Still miss the bullets, Bri?,” in a scene that was actually an exigent part of the original script. Brian’s face showed the originality in the angst of that scene. paul walker's brother

3. The team is lined up shoulder-to-shoulder in Los Angeles thinking about their next move. Walker, in a full frame, gives meaningful looks to the others and delivers dialog. paul walker's brother

4. His second scene in front of Dom’s house clearly states that some of the shots were dummied as the angles present in this scene didn’t allow any full shot.

5. After this scene, Jordana Brewster’s character and her son in another country are talking on the phone about Paul Walker’s character. This is an emblematic sign of the fact that they had to make a pool between scenes that they would have otherwise utilized actual scenes with Paul. Hence, it turns up to be true in a previous scene with Brian (Paul Walker’s character) in a garage.paul walker's brother

6. There are few moments during various group shots where Paul’s eye line isn’t interacting where it should be is an evidence that there were VFX effects in that.paul walker's brother

7. When Brian is on the tower, it’s clear that a body double was used, as well as some Character Graphics (CG). Pay attention to when the camera instead focuses on his hands and not his face.

8. Watch very carefully & you can tell that the beach scene at the end is clearly using Paul Walker’s brother as a body double.

9. Finally in the very last scene, it’s not Paul Walker, it’s Paul Walker’s Brother and some really good CG. sequences can’t really be counted because all too often stunt doubles and CG are used in those cases anyway. His bus scene showcases either a body double or CG to the face.paul walker's brother

10. An important scene where Paul is loading up his weapons and getting ready to “go to war” is distinctly Paul Walker’s brother or a stand-in shown in a medium shot. The brother/stand-in is either equally skillfully with both hands or dominate lefthanded.paul walker's brother

11. A scene of Walker running through LA streets is clearly Paul Walker’s brother or a stand-in. The directors decided not even to bother using CGI and it’s clearly not Walker in that scene.

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