Parody: Indian Government to manufacture ‘assembled’ awards.


Those days will be gone only one award was given to an individual on behalf of the entire team. Because finally after suffering from the ‘Current Controversy’ of ‘Intolerance’, Indian government have made their mind in manufacturing ‘Assembled’ award for the conveniency of those who wants to return their award. On this decision, govt. officials said

“Returnee can return one’s part of the honor or award without hurting the team’s emotions.”

It has been a decade old generation where an award would be seized by the dominating person in the victorious team. While this trend was followed in almost every field like sporting event, movies, and companies. The determination of any individual to hold the award is high than the one to return.faking news

That’s right, government’s new model ‘Sab Samaan Puraskar Yojana’ that promises every individual identity of the team who has managed or worked equally and with full dedication for the team.

The award will look as a ‘Single Unit’ but it will not be. As shown above, there will be bifurcation of the awards as per the responsibilities and the work undertaken. Judges will be finalizing what part will be given to whom as per the design of the award. Due to his new policy, there will be no discrimination among the team members or any grudges so as to have any hard feelings for the team members. If there are any signs of any slightest intolerance speculated in the country, a returnee can willingly become the part of the protest without hurting any sentiments.

Critics, Intellectuals and protesters are feeling good after knowing this scheme. An anonymous protester who recently returned an award said,

“If this policy or Yojana was announced a bit before then I wouldn’t have to forcefully face intolerance.”

PS- UN has approached Indian government to ask for the permission if this Yojana can be implemented worldwide.

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