“Not Afraid” March after Paris Attack is the most Courageous Act of 2015

Well, if there is any gun fire or normal nuisance occurred besides our home or college or office, we feel frightened to go to the side ways. But when there is a powerful terrorist attack in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, what happens then? There can’t be any guess as the city would be in terror and horrific conditions but that is what the people of paris proved wrong as “Not Afraid” March after Paris Attack is the most Courageous Act of 2015. Yes, this is the story of millions of people who marched themselves without any fear or afraid just after the terrorist attacks. This incident was one of the most viral and risky cum gutsy act of 2015.

It was every day of defiance, as quite 1,000,000 Parisians American ginseng their opposition to the bloodshed on their streets, whereas Europe’s leaders united a security deal meant to prevent such associate atrocity from happening once more. They came to pay their respects to the dead, united behind a peloton of fifty heads of state in a very Brobdingnagian human tide that reaffirmed the universal values of the French Republic: liberty, equality and fraternity. when a second of silence came the roar of the chants, with one particularly – “We don’t seem to be afraid!” – yelled over and over.“Je suis Charlie” was all over, on homemade placards, on armbands, on T-shirts. And there have been flags too: vast French tricolores, the colors of the Republic, waved from the enormous sculpture of Marianne, the incarnation of French liberty and reason.

Paris Attack Not afraidparis not afraid paris not afraid

Wounded in its heart by the 3 home-grown Muslim terrorists UN agency killed seventeen journalists, cartoonists, shoppers and law enforcement officials over 3 stunning days, Paris answered Francois Hollande’s decision to “rise up” in a very show of commonality. In a town mature wont to mass demonstrations, Sunday’s “unity march” was the demo to dwarf all, with some estimates suggesting that one.5 million folks had taken to the streets, the largest gathering since Paris’ liberation from the Nazis in 1944. Everyone was shouting “Paris is not afraid.”paris not afraid paris not afraid

A vast security operation to protect the marchers looked as if it would pass off swimmingly, with 2,200 law enforcement officials on the route and snipers across the city’s rooftops. within the coming back days, the city’s Jews are guarded particularly closely, with mister Hollande promising a “military guard” if necessary. While the mood on the road was buoyant, leaders from across Europe and North America acknowledged that changes can have to be compelled to be created to however the continent polices its borders and tracks its enemies. yank intelligence officers, listening into the phone calls of Muslim State leaders, overheard that Paris was simply the primary of what could also be alternative targets.

“We square measure here to demonstrate that we have a tendency to all signify the values of democracy, freedom, freedom of expression and tolerance,” same David Cameron, UN agency same he would discuss Britain’s response to the attacks with security and intelligence chiefs on Monday.Over 1,000,000 folks took half within the march through central Paris (AP). The prime minister same the “poison” of fanatic political theory “will be with United States of America for several additional years to return.”

“We in GB face a really similar threat – a threat of fanatic political theory – and that we have to be compelled to confront that in each manner we will.That means maintaining sturdy security, finance in our security services, it means that being terribly wakeful.” European, Canadian and United States of America interior and justice ministers pledged to “step up the detection and screening of travel movements of European nationals” going away or coming into the EU’s external borders, and modify Europe’s internal Schengen freedom-of-movement rules to widen info sharing and to subject suspicious travellers to bigger checks.paris not afraid

The unprecedented size of the rally was matched by its vision of political unity. At the guts of the cortege, standing arm in arm stood Angela Merkel and mister Hollande, UN agency had earlier welcome the Germany Chancellor with associate emotional hug. “Europe can win the fight against terrorist act,” in the meantime foreseen Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister. “Today, we have a tendency to square measure all French.” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu marched in step with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and dozens of leaders at the helm of the march, with the try waving to the crowds as they walked slowly faraway from the sq..

In all, nearly fifty world leaders came to pay their respects as well as Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, many African leaders, also as Ahmed Davutoglu, Turkey’s prime minister, and king Abdullah II of Jordan and his better half, Queen Rania.
As well as marches in alternative major French cities, thousands took to the streets as way abroad as Sydney, Vienna, national capital and London’s square, wherever around two,000 folks braved the cold to return go in commonality with the victims.paris not afraid

Their cutthroat intolerance has been countered by a wave of commonality. In one poignant scene, a French Muslim dealer handed flowers to a somebody demonstrator, UN agency replied: “We square measure all brothers and sisters, we have a tendency to square measure all groups of people, and that we square measure with the victims’ families standing along throughout this tragic amount. we have a tendency to square measure united.”

Zakaria Moumni, a 34-year-old Franco-Moroccan draped within the French flag, agreed. “I am here to indicate the terrorists they need not won – it’s transportation folks along of all religions,” she said.On a street in Gennevilliers wherever the Kouachi brothers had lived, reactions were way more mixed.“We’re not within the march nowadays as a result of to United States of America the Kouachis square measure our native heroes,” a bearded man in his early 20s same. #SpreadTheVibe

“Today we’re celebrating what they did.”

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