Pakistan raised Fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan for her pervert tweets

Fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan

Pakistan reported a fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan after the controversial tweets she did about Pakistani cricketer-all rounder ‘Shahid Afridi’. She had scripted on Twitter: Of course, I had sex with Shahid Afridi. It’s my personal life and I don’t need Indian media’s license to sleep with someone. For me, it was love.”

Responding to the incident, Indian model tweeted back on Saturday:

“I am very disappointed with Pakistan. No support from anybody against the fatwa. @SAfridiOfficial Wake up Pakistan.”

Pakistan and Islam raised this issue in a limelight to show that the khan model pursued to showcase the country in a dim light. Reacting to the incident, Arshi on Saturday tweeted:

“Very disappointed with Pakistan. Not a word of support for me from anyone against d fatwa. Wake up Pakistan @SAfridiOfficial.”

Fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan: Though, Arshi is very disappointed at the developmental controversies being extended since the day she tweeted in September 2015. The reports confirmed that the priesthood of Pakistan had primarily raised this issue against the model. Interestingly, famous cricketer Afridi has not given any tweets in response to this exotic lines but he is soon to be speculated as the issue has become viral and peril. It can certainly even lead to Indo-Pak issue with the model tweeting haphazardly over the cricketer without being aware of the consequences.

shahid afridi and arshi khan

The micro-blogging platform has aroused Arshi Khan to say whatever absurd things she had in her skull polluting the social media as well as the prestige of India. The shocking revelation also claimed few many things on Twitter. Let’s have a glimpse of what she confessed willingly.


Hi @SAfridiOfficial what is all this controversy in the media reg? I am your friend and a great fan. But why is media linking us together?

Yes, I don’t mind posing nude 4 @SAfridiOfficial. He is hot.But guys am not @Rozlynkhan or @iPoonampandey M Arshi Khan so u won’t see d pix.

Fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan’s above tweet astonished social media as such comments don’t just often occurs in the ‘Fast Running Generation’. She also tweeted showing interests to be one of the participants of Bigg Boss season-9. It also comes to a simple conclusion that the model ought to have cared much to join the popular reality show. Fatwa against Indian model Arshi Khan has been genuinely raised and will take proper action.

She had previously indulged herself in the controversies of ‘Radhe-Maa’ when she claimed to get an offer to join the racket and make money, but she denied the proposal. The Bhopal-born model confirmed her meeting with Pakistan T20 International Captain in Dubai. She unveiled that she had a good time with him and she’s not at all regretting for it.

The fluctuating lady Arshi grabbed the spotlight in the social media with her sensational comments tagging a number of famous official news channels. She seems to just gain ‘Attention’ just like Mallika Sherawat, Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/11/2015

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