Now Travel The World With Google Cardboard And Street View App

Do not have cash to travel? Now, with Google Cardboard and its Street View App you can travel places in VR. Google Cardboard now lets you travel and explore places in VR with the Street View App. Be it any place Paris, Japan, Tokyo you can visit all places with the help of Google Cardboard.

Initially when Google Cardboard was launched, it was laughed at as everyone compared it with Oculus, but its way too expensive.
Google Cardboard has a Street View app which is available for Android and iOS, which take you on a virtual tour. You just have to simply feed the place in the app and have to wait until it completely loads that particular place. Once it loads the place you just have to press the little VR headset/Cardboard icon in the top right corner, and will right away take you to that place.
Talking about the user experience, you won’t get as much as satisfaction from the Cardboard if compared to Oculus Rift or PlayStation VR, but it is sufficient enough to make you feel the presence of some other place.
The Street View app also lets you take your own spherical videos so that you can feed them in the app and others can view it. Now, you can shoot it from your phone but for better resolution and nice feel you can shoot it from your DSLR.

Article publié pour la première fois le 14/10/2015

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