What is Movember? ‘No Shave November’- awareness program for Men’s Health Issues.

Yes, it’s trending, No Shave November or November, is gaining the attention of many from the beginning of the month.

What is “No Shave November” or Movember”? Are men and women eligible to participate? Is there any genuine cause or movement it supports? Why should anyone stop shaving during November at least?

noshave november

No Shave November proudly spotlights the men as well as women throwing razors for a month leaving hairy chins, legs, underarms and wherever hair may seem to grow. It all started in 2003 when it was neither meant to raise any special cause nor attached to men’s health factors, but a total fun with the fellow mates. But, apparently, it has got quite significant attention and one of the biggest campaigns of 2015 showing awareness about the issues and conflicts about men’s health.


Movember began when an Australian couple, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, noticed that the moustache has lost its charm and style it once had. The respect was faded and they didn’t like the way it was flowing on. Thus, the fellows firmly hold an event “Movember” in which guys would compulsorily allow their upper lip facial hair to grow without any trimming and cutting in the entire month. No shaving the ‘Mo’ was the only strict rule behind this campaign.

Obviously, it got only limited participants in the first event; 30 male volunteers including Travis were the contenders to boost the initiative. However, ‘Fun of Freeing from Shave’ spread across the country and then caught the attention of PCFA (Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia) who became their partner for the event. Hence, it did start small, gradually and bit by bit made clearance to every country of the world to spread the awareness of the health issues worldwide.

According to the Global Journal, The No Shave November is one of the best NGOs charities in the world ranking 72 in the top 100s. November, the end of the year, started gaining hit to reveal the cause including Mental health issues, Depression, Prostate and Testicular Cancer. Movember went fast forward from 2003-2014, 30 participants to 4,746,905 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. Women willingly participated in this movement by fundraising and encouraging the society to be physically active.

This movement with the Slogan ‘Let’s have an incessant impact on Men’s health’ won many awards for its innovation, impact and sustainability to globalize the cause and issue. If you too are desperate to participate in Movember, then follow some simple guidelines as below:

  • After shaving on 1st of November, Mo Bros will grow-groom a moustache.
  • Only Moustache, No Beards
  • Congratulation, you are a gentleman during the Movember month

To participate in No Shave November, here are few simple rules:

  • By growing a big beard, and at the beginning of November, you shave it like a unique moustache.
  • Since, it’s the main goal is to raise awareness through embracing long hairs, let it grow wild.
  • You can support No Shave November by donating through its website for the cancer cause.

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