Death of a Tradition-Indian Railways to Phase Out The Pantry Car; Pushes For e-Catering

Death of  a Tradition of Indian Railway Pantry:

It was almost 2 decades before when our childhood used to be awesome when traveling in trains was fun because of the food cooked in pantry cars in trains. The smell of cooked food swooping down our nose during the long journey would now be a history soon. Yes, it can be considered as ‘The Death of a Tradition’– an end of the era. Indian Railways has finally confirmed to rule out pantry cars gradually from all trains; the long distance trains will be impacted first following the the others.

This is an era of ‘Technology’- the so called Modern Equipped Generation will come up with e-catering service. This will be ‘Dial-a-meal’ options from railway stations and takeaways on the whole traveling destinations. Recently, Indian Railway Officials said,

” The mindset is to implement e-catering at all stations. A long-time plan of the Indian Railways wants to decrease the dependency individual caterers who are in charging the pantry cars.”

Death of  a Tradition of Indian Railway Pantry:

Indian Railways will get a ‘Combo’ of benefits from this move: Hygiene factor and Monetary Gains. As allocating and conserving the tenders for pantry cars seemed expensive, the higher charged sub-standard quality food served system to passengers will be eradicated.

pantry car train

Invariantly Evolving Indian Railways:
Now e-catering will join the list of providing wi-fi on trains, printers, etc. for the passengers’ convenience. It will be very easy for the passengers to book a meal and tickets altogether. What food can the passengers expect to be served in e-catering? Dominos, KFC? This is not a parody, but passenger can book a chicken burger from KFC, any pizzas from Dominos, while traveling in the train itself.

Death of  a Tradition of Indian Railway Pantry:

A Spokesman for Northern Railway, Neeraj Sharma, justifies this new concept saying,

This new policy is for the people who want to try different types of meal including continental foods. A kind of arrangement that will surely compensate the traditional one.”

The concept of ‘Food Pantry Car’ was introduced and executed by the Britishers and still the menu of French fries, cutlets, omelettes, baked beans, still resembles their trends and tastes. Of course, people do like the above menu but it seems that the automated closing doors with WiFi equipped high speed train luxury won’t equalize with the traditional phase.
We all traveled in this era of train and we must have many memories associated with it. Death of a Tradition of Indian Railway Pantry has occurred.

Do you have any funny, hilarious and memorable moments in the ‘Pantry Car’ wali trains? Should pantry cars be demolished from Indian railways? There can be an alternative option giving passengers the choice to choose what they want and not choice by chance.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/11/2015

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