Most Watched Indian Videos of 2015

Last year, Facebook conducted a really fascinating study on the relation between TV looking and consumption of videos on-line. They found that sixty two of respondents between 13-24 years more matured would rather quit looking TV compared to their mobile phones. With over a billion Youtube users in India; and about 4-5 billion video views per day on this platform; net is bit by bit passing TV because the most well-liked medium to observe moving pictures. On the opposite hand, Facebook has fleetly emerged because the most powerful rival of Youtube because it witnessed eight billion video views per day, that really doubled since Gregorian calendar month, 2015 (it was four billion then).

Most Watched Indian Videos of 2015

What specifically are folks looking online? that videos generated most views? rather like last year, we have a tendency to ar back once more with an inventory of the foremost watched videos in Bharat. For higher sorting, we’ve got divided the list into 2 categories: Short movies/Serial niche and Songs niche. Considering that short movies and serial ar longer, takes longer to arrange and have deeper which means and connection, we have a tendency to thought it had been honest enough for making a separate list for a similars.

Special mention: TVF Pitchers
TVF created a path breaking web-serial for entrepreneurs called TVF Pitchers, which has attained a cult status among youth. Special mention of their effort, as their three episodes generated more than 5 million views on Youtube. The rest of the episode are now only available on their website. From its official Trailer to its theme songs and every episode is worth watching & we bet you that if you are an aspiring entrepreneur then you would be a “Die Hard” fan of this series. The Characters, Story Plot and Climax are so well executed that this was one of the most trending Web Series ever in India. It also gained the rank in IMDB’s list and is upvoted till now. So what are you waiting for? Watch it and have fun.

Are we forgetting any popular videos of India? Do mention it in the comments.

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/01/2016

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