3 Indian Batsman in the ‘Players who hit Most Sixes in International Cricket’.

Most Sixes in International Cricket: Sixes are quite frequent in any format of the game now with T20’s rise to importance in the international arena, seeing the white and red ball sail over the ropes has become a routine affair nowadays. Let’s take a look at ten players who have hit the Most Sixes in International Cricket overall in all the formats.

Most Sixes in International Cricket

10. Sourav Ganguly

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Dada-The Nightmare for the spinners

Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of the Indian national team, has hit 247 sixes in his career in 424 international matches scoring 18,575 runs. Dada was called to be the knightmare for the spinners as he would come down the track to every spinners,be it Shane Warne or Murali.

9. Jacques Kallis

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Greatest All rounder of all time

One of the best all-rounders, Jacques Kallis, the South African legendary No.3 batsman, has scored 25534 runs in 519 international matches. Kallis is only cricket dignitary to have taken 250 wickets and scored more than 11,000 runs in both ODIs and Tests. Kallis scored a total of 254 sixes in his international career. He was the gem of the team for almost 15 years of his career.

8. Adam Gilchrist:

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Australia’s Greatest Opener Ever

Australia’s best opener till date, a stunning wicket-keeper, a hard hitting batsman, graceful in game and a man with high sportsman spirit, Adam Gilchrist scored 262 sixes in 396 international matches scoring 15461 runs.

7. Sachin Tendulkar:

Most Sixes in International Cricket
God of Cricket

‘God of Cricket’, ‘Master Blaster’, ‘The Pride of India’, ‘Father of every record in Cricket’, Sachin Tendulkar makes at seventh place to hit a total of 264 sixes in his career. Tendulkar has scored 34357 career runs in an astounding 664 international matches.

6. AB de Villiers

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Batsman of the Decade & seems to be ‘The Next Sachin Tendulkar’

Yes, that’s right, AB is surely marching his way to be the ‘Next Sachin’ as per his form, average and performance in every format of Cricket. AB de Villiers has made 17, 340 runs in just 358 matches, has hit fantastic 267 sixes. (This sixes are adventurous and stunning to see as it all comes with different body movements and techniques)

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Most Sixes in International Cricket
The Inventor of ‘The Helicopter Shot’

India’s most successful captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, wicket-keeper batsman, inventor of the Helicopter Shot, is at 5th spot with 285 career sixes under his belt. Dhoni, who has scored 14224 runs in a total of 389 matches, is popular for his six to win India the cricket World Cup Final, 2011. The man with the guts, captain with enough fortitude, and patience as heaven has grabbed every ICC trophies as Captain.

4. Sanath Jayasuriya

Most Sixes in International Cricket
The batsman who gave the concept of ‘Hitting’ in the first 15 overs in ODI

Well, Sanath Jayasuriya, the tornado for ex- Sri Lankan who tormented bowlers for 2 decades has 352 sixes in 586 matches. It seems that Dhoni and AB (The current lagging players in the list) will have to strive hard to reach this number.

3. Brendon McCullum

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Batsman with some Extra-ordinary Technique

Brendon McCullum, The top order batsman, the New Zealand captain, has 365 international career sixes to his name and is ongoing. Brendon has so far played 411 matches, scoring 13783 runs.

2. Chris Gayle

Most Sixes in International Cricket
Every Bowler’s Nightmare

Chris Gayle scored 17841 runs in his  423 international career sixes to his name in 417 matches. He would definitely be at No. 1 spot if IPL sixes were to be counted as he has hit some monstrous sixes making the crowd and billions love the Indian Premiere League.

1. Shahid Afridi

Most Sixes in International Cricket
BOOM BOOM- The man who hits the ball out of the park

Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi is famous for his aggressive batting style, and it shows in the stats as he tops this list with 452 international career sixes to his name. In a total of 493 matches, Boom Boom, has scored a total of 10922 runs, is also the only player to have a strike-rate of over 100 when all formats are combined. He also has the second fastest century and the second fastest half-century in ODIs to his name. It had been broken by AB who is 1st at both the awards. He is the one who has smashed Most Sixes in International Cricket.

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