Mitchell Starc’s 160.4 km/h puts him into top 5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time

5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time :Australian pacer and opening stormy bowler Mitchell Starc with his 160.4km/h marked a thunderbolt in the 2nd Test Match against NZ on Sunday. He now joins party to be in the top 5 fastest bowlers in the world cricket, putting his foot step in the magical 160km/h which is remarkable and stunning altogether for a bowler. Out of all Fastest Bowlers of all Time, we have a list of the selected few.

The Aussie Quicker is the 1st left-armer to achieve the feat in cricket where inexact science and uniformity of the speed gun is making the deliveries at full pace. Let’s go back and see who else have touched this feat and have a glimpse to know about the fastest 10 bowls of cricket history.

5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Most brutal bowler of International New Zealand Team, Shane Bond, Right Arm Fast dangerous Bowler of His Time, His fastest delivery is – 156.4 kmph During World Cup 2003.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Mohammad Sami, a bowler with worst average, a Pakistani Right Arm Fast Bowler is the 2nd Fastest Bowler in The Pakistan Cricket History and 9th in the list of the fastest bowlers of all time. The fastest delivery 156.5 kmph ODI Came Out at Sharjah against Zimbabwe in April 2003.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Mitchell Johnson bowled a Delivery of 156.8 kmph in 4th Ashes Test, Day 3 Against England December 2013 at Melbourne Cricket Ground. This premium all rounder has bowled many 150+ deliveries in that Ashes Series putting every batsman of England on backfoot. He was among the  Fastest Bowlers of all Time.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Fidel Henderson Edwards, one of the 5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time, a WI Fast bowler, slammed a delivery of 157.7 kmph against South Africa in 2003.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Andy Roberts, a former WI Fast Bowler, twice taking 7 wickets in an innings of a Test match has bowled his fastest delivery of 159.5 kmph against Australia in Perth 1975.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

His incredible and magnificent delivery of 160.4 kmph performance at Perth during the 3rd day of second test on November 15, 2015 against Black Caps lands Mitchell Starc in the 5th position and his  average has the consistent value of 146.4 km h throughout the matches.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Jeffrey Robert Thomson, a former Australian Right Arm Pace Bowler,is at No 4 in the with 160.4 kmph against West Indies in Perth 1975. He was surely one of the 5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Shaun William Tait is a Right Arm fast Bowler is The No 3 in the fastest Bowlers list he bowled his fastest delivery of 161.1 kmph against England.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Brett Lee is the fastest Australian bowler in the Australian Cricket History, and the 2nd Fastest of All Time in The History of Cricket. He smashed his fastest delivery of 160.8 kmph against New Zealand at Napier in 2005. Yes, he ought be the 5 Fastest Bowlers of all Time.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

Shoaib Akhtar is a Former Pakistani right arm Super Fast Bowler, Also Known As Rawalpindi Express is considered as the Fastest Bowler in the History of the Cricket. He set an official world record by achieving the fastest delivery, of 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph) against England in 2003 World Cup.Fastest Bowlers of all Time

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