Heard and unheard, Known and unknown facts about Mira Rajput.

Shy and Intelligent, Shahid Kapoor’s bride is from Punjab and 2nd of three sisters. According to Hindustan times reporter, Sanah, daughter of Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak, expressed that Mira Rajput is fantastic and an amazing girl; and she adores her very much. She opened up saying that they both became friends prior marriage. Shahid’s sister also remarked that the two of them have a lot of ‘Filmy Gupshup’ together and ‘Girly Gossip’. Adding further, she revealed that Mira is caring, loving and befitted herself in the family easily.

“I don’t know about her future plans of pursuing career in acting but if she does she would totally justify her role at it”, when Sanah was asked if Mira Rajput makes an entry in film industry.

How did Shahid and Mira Rajput meet?

One question certainly aroused fans as “When and How did Shahid and Mira meet?” Nobody won’t believe as they met through the spiritual and religious gathering group called ‘Radha Soamin Satsang Beas’. Well, Shahid must be following his Dad as Pankaj Kapoor is an ardent follower of this group. Though he denied the rumors of his father chosen Mira for him, but there was no clear answer why Pankaj Kapoor used to go Punjab for no reason.

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Shahid confessed few exigent things about his better-half when interviewed with Hindustantimes.com that he wasn’t sure whether dealing with a non-celebrity person would workout. But eventually, he claimed that he feels really different marrying a normal person who talks about next day’s lunch rather discussing and interrogating about his industry schedule. Shahid emphasized praising her attitude towards the work she is putting on to maintain both the culture though having difference in lifestyles.

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mira rajput and shahid kapoor

Rumors of Mira Rajput doing a cameo in the upcoming Vikramaditya Motwane’s ‘AK vs SK’ were refuted by Shahid’s Spokesperson. Haider actor will be playing as a leading protagonist in the movie and will showbiz his charm after ‘Not so Hit’ Shaandar. Certainly, the hot Jodi has pulled off to catch the attention wherever they have gone, be it fashion gala or gym. Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor were recently spotted outside a gym in Bandra as it is heard that she is too conscious about her fitness.

Mira Rajput  is sweating out in the same gym where Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif workout. Mira is also enthusiastic to learn some dance lessons from one of the best choreographer in Bollywood ‘Bosco’. Well, it’s obviously not for any Bollywood debut but for shaping the body and stay energetic with the rhythmic curvy movements.

mirarajput and shahid kapoor gym
A Glimpse of duo coming from Gym

Mumbai Mirror reported that Shahid has turned more romantic and practical after marriage when he celebrated Mira’s 22nd birthday with full of surprises. Taking second half off, Shahid picked out balloons, streamers and knickknacks for his cute spouse just to make her smile. He personally supervised all the decorations and party-planner so that nothing can go wrong in commemorating her dear wife’s birthday bash. Mira Rajput didn’t seem to miss her loved ones as it was the first time she was far away from her near-dear ones. She got the biggest gift as a surprise when her parents and some of her close friends flied down from Delhi especially to attend this ceremony.

Mira Rajput  has proudly approved Shahid’s happening chemistry with Alia, as is observable from the movie ‘Shaandar’. She loved her hubby’s performance and she went gaga seeing him playing as a Wedding Planner in the film. She is also not at all concern about the past ‘Shahid-Kareena’ rumors as she is newly-minted Kapoors now.

A huge fan of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor made a great painting for them to wish wholeheartedly for the marriage.

A painting from a fan of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor
A painting from a fan of Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor

Well, Mira Rajput favorite actor is Salman Khan and she is desperate about her meeting with Bollywood’s Bhai. According to the source, she is a huge fan of Salman and appeared to exist that she has seen every Salman’s movie twice. Mira Rajput  is a fan of several popular singers like Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Avril Lavigne and this tastes similar as of Shahid’s.

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Talking about Mira Rajput past relationships, she was indulged with Aditya lal who was in the same school(Vasant Valley) as Mira. She was in third-year when she got into serious love with him but reports claimed that it just lasted long for 2 years. Now, then just like Shahid, Mira too had some conflicts and controversies involved in her past.

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According to private source, Mira is also interested in renovation of Shahid’s lavishing flat in Juhu. Pankaj Kapoor is overseeing and supporting her in this whole process of reconstructing the flat for better.

It was reported that Mira Rajput has been deleting friends from her social accounts as she wants to maintain the privacy only with her few close friends and not to involve any attention in her personal life. Mira’s family doesn’t seem to have any Bollywood connect and may be, that’s why she avoids media gathering virtually and publically.

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