A Gujarati Boy’s Parody of ‘Life Between Two World Cups’

Life Between Two World Cups: Just like Virat Kohli‘s ‘Life between Two World Cups’ a Gujju guy, is trying to demonstrate his ‘Life Between two World Cups’ (Parody) is actually ‘An Evolution or change in Everyone’s Life’.Here’s something in his own words. India’s chances in Australia 2015 were in stagnation. But I remembered the last WC 2011. I wondered how the time ran with appalling speed. I cannot really imagine it has been 4 years when Maahi lifted the Cricket world cup crown in Mumbai. Let’s start about the journey of Life between two World Cups story.

Parody of India’s new scheme to manufacture assembled awards


Going a step back in the flashback, The 2003 team was captained by Dada-Ganguly, and I perfectly remember that world cup as we were losers meaning runners up. I remember our Physics  teacher calculated how Ricky Ponting was rumored to have illegitimate ‘Spring’ in his monstrous bat! Indians’ changed  from: ‘India.. India….India‘ to ‘Hay Hay…India‘, and how the subject at every place, everyone will debate over the match lost.

Losing the cup from so close was too tough to digest, but the next world cup was 2007 World Cup which was venued to be South Africa. I was in 10th grade then. During the world cup fever, India not reaching to next obvious desirable phase of WC was my bigger grief than my pending studies, and my crush’s flat refusal to me.

A Parody of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi

My uncle will debate over 1983 as the best world cup,as I was not even born in 1983 so I hadn’t actually want to know about it. All I know is the euphoria around my hostel when we won the WC final looking at the Helicopter shot of Dhoni.

Life Between Two World Cups

life between world cup

The Groovy Gujarati Gathering of our hostel recited garba for the whole night in the hostel campus shows the Life between two World Cups. Suddenly, out of nowhere I realized we are 4  years ahead, in coming months, amidst another WC looking at us. I really have no idea how fast time got that wing and lighting speed? Yes, sometimes, we really don’t know the origin of our ecstasy but many a times, we do find an ore from where we want to grab and seize everything out of life.life between world cups

On-road Status: From Bicycle to Bike

Life between two World Cups : I transformed myself from 18 to 22 but that’s not something to boast of. I changed my Cellphones from GU220 Samsung to Moto G. Well, now I ride on my bike and don’t need to ride by bicycle, but i miss those cycle races. WOW! I was silly, sincere student then and I’m an endeavoring  employee today-a certain mind boggling revolutionary change in my life.

Relationship Status: Single to Multiple Break-ups

Oh my, I have successfully passed my BE-Bachelors of Engineering in this period and left my memorable hostel. Days extended before years when my father endowed me on my birthdays; and now I greet and gift my parents on their anniversaries. Also, well the guy who trembled to talk with any hot chick was now handling 3 break-ups.

Life between two World Cups :Cricket has altered a lot in this decade and as so as the Cricketers; Sportsmen Spirit has been supplanted by Sledging, Brands-Commercial have overcome Patriotism, Domestic Leagues have faded the International Cricket, Money has washed-out the real juice of Cricket, and Cricket Matches are just seen for the Big Bets. Life between two World Cups is actually an era has modified dramatically and so as the people. Change is mandatory but the life between this World Cup has certainly changed millions of Cricket fans like me who have either repented and regretted  2003 World Cup and couldn’t enjoy 2011, and many who have moved on desperately  from the past defeat and adapted the 2011 crown.

Bro, Maa kasam this is the exclusive true love:

Yes, Life between two World Cups is a big cycle of time emotionally, physically and socially where you start to say” I will have to compulsorily wake up early in the morning as I have job now”, “I don’t know about the match-results but my heart is always with India”, “I am planning to buy a car for my parents”; past was the time when you used to say amateurly “Bhai, seriously this is the only true love, the dream of my life, fantasy of my fairy tale”, “Night-Out? We will bunk the college tomorrow”, and the universal “Yaar, I finished my pocket money, I want to borrow just 500 INR this time.”

PS– Life between two World Cups was strictly a source of emotional entertainment- An array of time-travel of a prenominal but typical Indian and doesn’t mean to offend any emotions of Cricketers or fans.

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