Kichankani Library initiative is one of the most inspirational actions of 2015

There has been many motivational and inspiring stories happened in 2015 but something that made my goosebumps is the story of a young woman/girl. She just crossed all the heights of fear, guts and risk taking ability. The remote village in African nation doesn’t even get any newspapers or books of its own. But A woman from Kerala whose dream of putting in place a library-cum learning centre in Kichankani, atiny low village some thirty five kms removed from the town of Dar-es-Salaam in African nation, is on its thanks to reality. Kichankani Library could be a social-media driven initiative that started with a Facebook post. The initiative has received tremendous response with donations within the type of cds, books, song books, etc, from everywhere Kerala and therefore the Mideast. male monarch touched to African nation together with her husband World Health Organization works at a building.

This woman from Kerala is dreaming with the folks of Kichangani, atiny low village thirty five kms removed from the town of Dar atomic number 99 Salaam, Tanzania. They dream of the day they’ll have clean water to drink and books to browse. Their dream is currently on its thanks to reality. Here’s a talk with Somy Solomon and her project referred to as Kichankani Library, a social media driven initiative.kichankari library

The building that’s being created can operate as a Learning Centre wherever the participants are educated to browse and write Kiswahili and West Germanic, trained in laptop proficiency and English fluency. The village doesn’t have libraries; neither do the villagers own books or newspapers. Books are, as a matter of truth a luxury, our try is to create books democratic. This was devised chiefly as a result of there ar solely primary faculties within the village; the govt faculties are quite far flung. As a result of serious expenses and issue in travelling, most of them stop their studies once primary education.

She describes her story in her own words: I had place up a standing message on Facebook spoken communication, ‘why is it that Republic of India has not been able to profitably have interaction within the problems with the folks in jap Africa, in spite of getting a protracted standing relationship with it.’ I had place up many queries concerning fund raising and cataloguing books and most of my queries were answered by Facebook friends.

Primary response to English books, story books, action song CDs as donation to the Kichankani library was tremendous. it’s this flood of response and queries that created Maine begin the FB page ‘Kichankani Library’. It connects one to “Kichankani, a village in African nation, wherever we have a tendency to are attempting to line up a learning centre and water a reality.” It’s a concept that’s growing through FB. folks from everywhere Kerala, numerous components of Republic of India and sure components of Mideast too are becoming in reality with U.S. through facebook.kichankari library

The book collections are being coordinated and managed through cluster chats on FB. Even the primary reports on this initiative were revealed on Malayalam on-line portals like Azhimukham, Asianetnews internet and it had been supported the updates on these that Deccan Chronicle revealed a story. I reached African nation in 2014 once my wedding. As my husband works as a hotelier here, we have a tendency to stayed in Dar atomic number 99 Salaam. I started researching on the issues sweet-faced by Tanzanian girls World Health Organization work as domestic helps within the homes of foreign girls with the intention of enrolling for Doctor of Philosophy in Dar atomic number 99 Salaam University.

As I got pregnant with my baby, I had to depart my analysis midway. it had been my friend Khadija, a Tanzanian girl World Health Organization helped learn plenty concerning the land and its folks.

I wouldn’t hesitate to mention that those creating these statements haven’t any plan concerning African nation or Attappady. I feel it’s vital that I pay, in no matter very little manner attainable, to the society that facilitates healthy and stable living conditions for my family and Maine.

The approaching Kinchankani library comes the politics of overcoming hurdles through mutual cooperation. The library is being designed thirty five kilometers removed from the developed town of Dar atomic number 99, has no clean water, adequate medical facilities, or primary education. The library could be a image against the guarantees of development, an emblem against the belief that was created by the exploitatory colonial countries, of the ‘Dark Continent’. it’s an emblem of defiance.

There is a project that’s aimed toward excavation a well for providing clean water to the villagers of Kichankani. however as a result of body problems, gap a checking account has been delayed. As presently because it is sorted out, we are going to try to end that project because the building and effective functioning of the Learning Centre depends on its completion. This is how, woman has inspired the whole country and #spreadthevibe across the world with her guts and strong determination. Kichankani Library initiative is one of the most inspirational actions of 2015

Those who wishes to contribute books to the Kichankani library, please write to


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