Big Boss 9: Keith Sequeira meets Rochelle Rao on her birthday

Bigg Boss 9 has always been in the climaxes, controversies and suspenses. This time the news is that Keith Sequeira returns on Bigg Boss 9 for his girlfriend Rochelle’s birthday. Bigg Boss pre scheduled a special surprise especially for her and deliberately sent Keith back in the house. Now that was one of the cutest surprises on this season of Bigg Boss.

Keith Sequeira had to make an abrupt out from the house after news of his younger brother’s death left his family heartache. While Keith instantly left off to Delhi, Rochelle Rao had no clue about what was presently happening to him outside the house. They have been in relationship since long and have been the part of this reality show.

Keith Sequeira meets Rochelle Rao on her birthdaybig boss 9

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Now, after Prince Narula feted his born-day on November 24, 2015, it’s Rochelle’s birthday on Wednesday. Giving Rochelle a valuable gift on her Birthday, Bigg Boss is sending Keith back again inside the house. This is the spoiler as the original episode will be aired on November 26, 2015 (Thursday).

Salman Khan had already mentioned plenty of times that Keith will have to again re-enter the house after his troubles are a little sorted out. It seems Bigg Boss integrated this special plan to make Rochelle happier on her birthday. Keith has already entered the house and has surprised Rochelle.

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All the other housemates are electrified to watch him back on the show. But we still ponder how Keith will make out with the new entries as in his absence, Bigg Boss introduced four new wild card entries inside the house. There is plenty more to come on ‘Double Trouble’ as the wild card entries, surprises, shocks, climaxes, politics and controversies are going to be seen gradually in the season as it reaches to the final days.

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