Interview with Gautam Gambhir: Desperate to win Ranji Trophy

Gautam Gambhir, an outstanding Indian opener and an aggressive on field Captain of Delhi, was interviewed by ‘The Indian Express’ and here are some of the light hearted question-answer session from the excerpts.

Gautam Gambhir

gautam gambhir

Gautam Gambhir got a tough task to led the Ranji team of Delhi when core players had been either moved or dropped off. Although, there was hardly any preparation before the Ranji season, Gautam Gambhir and his team performed spectacular. He and his young guns showed the dramatic fantabulous play against Maharashtra squashing them in just 2 days.

How do you feel about your team performance: Vindicated, Shocking or Satisfied?

Neither of these as the young kids from the team stood along the side when needed so I would rather like to say ‘Mature Play’ and though no one stood for us to support us, we showed off some great play with bigger goals ahead in the Ranji Trophy to win it as


gautam gambhir ranji trophy
But there is still much more to come as our match against Assam on November 15 will be crucial and we are looking forward to it.

What is your way to inspire the whole team before the session begins?

There are few things I always tell my mates in my small pep-talks ‘Deliver what you have got-good or bad; if it’s good,fine and if it’s bad we will improve it.’ There is always a chance of both the possibilities as it’s about form and other factors in an individual’s success.

Does the ignition to again be a part of Indian team still sparks inside you?

To be frank, right now my aim is to purely focus for the Delhi team and if I start thinking of my comeback then it will be very selfish for me as a leader of my current team.

What’s your take on the pitch fight with Manoj Tiwary?gautam gambhir ranji fight

It’s cool. But blaming me of invoking Sourav’s name and suggesting that I made a remark about Bengalis was sad. When 2 players  are sledging on the field, you never get a 3rd person involved. What happens on the field should stay on the field. You have played international cricket, you should be mature enough to do it.

What’s your game plan for Karnataka as your last league game?

A good challenge and a tough competition for sure as the Ranji champions are willing to test us in that game. It we win that match, we will be the main contenders to win this prestigious Trophy.

Gautam Gambhir is in form and is trying his best to come in the Indian International Cricket Team. But let’s see how he deals with the Ranji Trophy and not fight with any other mates.

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