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The founder of World Wide Web(www), Tim Berners-Lee, recently stated that the public should not be excited about the whole  Free (formerly They should not support it, it looks very enchanting and convincing but it really is not beneficial. And also added that the thing which is offered as a free Internet is really not free and public.

Berners-Lee generated a report in which he was speaking about the privacy of the people and government spying over their data, thus implying to customers “just say no” to this initiative.

Berners-Lee and the Web We Want festival have convened to produce a Magna Carta for the 21st century, on the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta. This campaign is promoting five key principles for the future of the Web: freedom of expression online and offline, affordable access to the net, protection of user data and privacy, a decentralised and open infrastructure, and net neutrality.
“In the particular case of somebody who’s offering … something which is branded internet, it’s not internet, then you just say no. No it isn’t free, no it isn’t in the public domain, there are other ways of reducing the price of internet connectivity and giving something … [only] giving people data connectivity to part of the network deliberately, I think is a step backwards,” says Berners-Lee.

Currently net neutrality is the most heated conversation in India. And these were the comments by people who were directly responsible for the web.  Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerbug says that it is important to get net neutrality in India, as the largest amount of population is disconnected to the web.

He also stated that regulatory framework need to protect net neutrality for consumers and also make sure that new models are allowed to step up for Internet access. “There is this big struggle, debate in India now on how you balance these two things and this is an incredibly important debate because India is the country in the world with the most unconnected people,” he said.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/10/2015

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