How to Post Status Updates on Facebook after Passage of Time

Hi People, In this post I’ll be guiding with you a method through which you can post status, upload Photo, video on your Timeline even after time passes. It is just Like going in Past and updating a status/Image/Video.

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For an instance, You Forgot to wish your Friend at the First minute i.e 12.00 Midnight? But want to wish at 12.00 Midnight, even after the time is passed? Another instance, You Participated in a Contest and had to post a status but you forgot to post it! So to come out of these small problems, Here I’m with a Guide through which you can fool facebook and update the status/Image/Video after the passage of time. 

How to Update a Status After Passage of Time?

Updating a status is quite easy after passage of the time, what you have to do is Start your System, change the timezone or Time at which you want to update a status (Past only). Save it and Restart your System. Start your Browser : Log in to your Facebook Account and then Write a status and Update it! 
Now go to your Timeline and check it will show the Past time which you set in the system Clock.
For E.g I Forgot to wish my Friend on 16th August 12.00 Midnight, now it is 1.00 PM, What to do? Simply change the date and time of your System to somewhat near 11.50 PM and Date to 15th August and Restart your System and then Log in to your Facebook account and Update the status!

How to Update a Photo/Video after Passage?

Updating a status, Photo, Video after the passage of time is same, but the problem is it may take more time so, set the time to the most appropriate timing and follow the above mentioned steps in the Updating a Status after Passage of time.
That’s all! We will soon with Some Facebook Tricks 🙂

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