How to Get a Bigrock .COM domain at Rs 99 (INR) | Only DotCom Domains!

Welcome back to Tenuz, In this post I’ll be sharing with you how to get a domain at Rs. 99 from BigRock. Domains are the names through which people can access your site : Like the domain name of this site is : Tenuz, people remember a site’s by its name.

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Due to the increase in use of Technology, People have started building their Websites, Students and many Teenagers like me have started making their blogs, And at an initial Phase it is very difficult for students and many people to invest some 1000 INR for the domain, I was also facing but I got one domain for free! Anyways you won’t get it for Free now, you can get the domain at Rs 99 only, Yes, nothing to get shocked! I’m sharing with you a Trick to get domain for 99 INR only.

Note : This is valid only for domains with .com domains, You will get .com domains for Rs 99

Follow the steps : 

1.) Open Google Search and Type in : “Bigrock domain 99rs

2.) You will see the Link as shown in the Below screenshot which will be from BigRock Official Site.

3.) Click on the Link and then you will navigate to the Page where you will be asked to enter the desired domain name, Write the domain name you desire to buy!

Bigrock domain 99 INR

4.) On clicking Go, You will be navigated to a page where you will be asked to proceed checkout of the payment, It will show 99 Rs in the right hand corner, If it doesn’t shows then you would have made some mistake, so again follow back from STEP 1. The screenshot will look similar to the below shown screenshot 

Bigrock domain 99 rs

5.) On clicking the Checkout you will be navigated to the Checkout page, In the Checkout page you will see the amount increased increase but on the side you will also see that they’ve mentioned that the coupon is for ‘New accounts’ so click on Continue.

5.) Now you will see two options, you will have to signup with a new account and enter the details and then proceed the Payout! And at the end you will see that you are just Paying Rs 99 + ICANN Fees (10-20 Rs)

Congratulations! You have saved Rs 938 on buying a domain, isn’t it awesome? Getting something which costs worth 1000 INR for 100 Rs only! Having Friends who want to start their own blog but Lacks Funds, then You can recommend about this post, And Help him/her get a domain for 99 Rs from Bigrock!

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/07/2014

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