How to delete multiple Tweets together in Twitter

In our previous post we shared How to add self expiration time in the tweets you post. This time we will teach you how to delete the tweets from your timeline in a bulk. Some tweets are made for some purpose and the value of that tweet expires as soon as the passes but the tweet will be still appearing on your timeline, this sometimes makes the timeline looks awkward but there is nothing to worry we have found a way to mass delete the tweets.
How to delete the multiple tweets together?
  • Visit and Login to the site by clicking “Sign in with Twitter button”

  • After you sign into the App via Twitter, Authorize the App to interact with your Twitter account by granting the permissions. If you see the below Image then you have successfully logged into the App via Twitter. You will see your account logged in instead of my account.
  • Now what you have to do is click on the start searching button and you will get the list of all the tweets you have posted until the date as shown below and mark the Tweets you want to delete after marking click on the “Delete Selected Items” button and Say that’s it!

  • When you will click on the “Delete Selected” Button a Dialog box will appear which will ask you whether to delete the Tweets permanently, click on “Delete Permanently” button and that’s it!

  • Now visit your Twitter timeline and you will find that the tweets you marked got deleted all together. You can see the below screenshot of my Twitter timeline which had 181 Tweets previously has only 1 tweet

    If you have any query related to this you can comment here. We will get you soon and help you out.

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/09/2013

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