Hermione interviews Nobel peace prize winner Malala.

Hermione interviews Malala

The two dignitaries of the world, Emma Watson (EW) and Malala Yousafzai, got together for a talk. Emma Watson, Popular as Hermione, is a brilliant actress of Harry Potter series. Malala, the youngest Nobel peace prize winner, is an advocate of women education empowerment. In a recent video that EW uploaded on Facebook, she seemed to brainstorm on many things while interviewing iconic activist Malala.

The interview was about  the documentary ‘He Named Me Malala’ which depicts Malala’s real life showing the facet feminism. Malala confessed that she does not desire watching herself on TV, but was gratified with the message conveyed through the documentary on spreading woman’s equal rights. Malala says,

“I want this documentary to be a movement than just a movie.”

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Hermione interviews Malala: Emphasizing more on equal rights and authority for women, two lady panjandrums discusses about feminism. Malala stressed on the role of men in making ‘No Discrimination’ reality and said,

“Men have to stride forward to bring the change in the society as the women alone can’t join together and drastically alter everything. Men have a crucial role in it too.”

Hermione interviews Malala

On the equality concerns, Malala mentioned, “Feminist has always been catchy and slippery word. Primarily, I heard some affirmative and some negative responses from the society. But then I said if not now, when? if not me, who? I am now not hesitated to call myself a feminist. Thus, I am a feminist. Feminism is actually some other good word used for equality.”

emma watson and malala

It was apparently a proud moment for Harry Potter girl who seemed poignant during the interview. She was visibly touching in the talks with Malala. She encountered her interview as

“The most moving moment for me today was when the young icon questioned herself on feminism and then identified herself describing the definition in an outstanding way.”

A must watch of Hermione interviews Malala is inspiring and motivational shedding lights on their humble and noble beliefs for feminism.

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