Heart Mellowing recto from Saeed Jaffrey’s Personal Diary

Saeed Jaffrey, one of the famous Bollywood actors of 1990s, featured in movies like Gandhi, Dil and Shatranj Ke Khiladi, died due to brain haemorrhage in London. Apart from this super hit films, he acted in more than 100 Bollywood movies. An Indian-born British actor came along on stage, film, Television and radio because of his mimicry and fluency in many languages. Saeed was reckoned as Britain’s highest-profile Asian male in 1990s.sayyed jaffrey

Only few people knows something personal about his 1st wife Mehrunima and their tragic story. Saeed Jaffrey revived the life between the two in his personal diary and how everything in both life altered. A veteran and actor will leave you inarticulate as the words written is heart mellowing and astonishing. sayed jaffreyHere is what Saeed Jaffrey wrote:

saeed jaffrey exwife
Saeed Jaffrey’s First Wife-Madhur Jaffrey

“I married to Mehrunima at the age of 19 and she was just 17. As I raised up mature, I was very hypnotized by the amazing British Culture in India during those time. Trying to resemble them wearing suits, speaking English fluently, adapting immaculate etiquettes, I went to become completely opposite to her who was typical housewife, caring, obedient, doting mother, good homemaker and an ideal woman.”

“Unfortunately, at that time she was not what I actually wanted and so I emphasized her to change and that’s what drifted us apart. Eventually she transferred herself from a jolly affectionate coquettish girl into a quiet insecure female. Meanwhile I began to attract to my co-actress who was ‘Dream Girl’ and exactly the woman I wanted in my life as wife.”

After the Divorce of Saeed Jaffrey

Our marriage lasted for 10 years, then I left my home and married my co-actress ensuring all the required and sufficient financial security of Mehrunima and our kids. 6-8 months went quite well and ambitions seemed to glow paving its path. Gradually, I began realising that there was something missing as I no longer feel our soul touching each other. She was ambitious, always concerns about her beauty and desires. But life moved on with a pause mode. I never went back to see what happened to Mehrunima.

Subsequently, post 6-7 years of my 2nd marriage, I came across ‘Madhur Jaffrey’s Upcoming Book Launch’ and I was surprising as she changed her maiden name. She looked elegant and classy. She remarried too and why not? She lived in United States and immediately I went to meet her but she refused to see me. But my son and daughter wanted to have one last talk with me. Her new husband was near them.madhur jaffreyTill date, I cannot forget what my children told me.

They narrated me that their new father accepted Mehrunima as she was and knows the sense of true love. He let her flourish herself at her own pace and never forced her to be something what she is not. She is now a confident, loving, touching mother and wife. The selfishness, demands, greeds don’t long last as the character fades with its flaw but the loving heart never diminishes, it catches its color when finds the right pigment. Saeed Jaffrey showed her regret as well as his love & the lesson he learnt from this mellowing experience. Hats off to Saeed Jaffrey for confessing this.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/11/2015

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