He named me Malala movie Review: Ennobling and Inspiring

He Named Me Malala movie is breathtaking and ennobling. It is quite extraordinary when a teenager shows maturity in the nerve-wracking society because most of the times the world seems to terminate the effort of change. Here’s such a story, a real life story of an audacious and dauntless girl, which is unique and inspiring. Malala Yousafzai revolutionized to make the noble cause of providing education to all the girls across the globe. Yes, 18-year old girl from Mingora, Pakistan showed the guts to come out of the comfort zone and make this society a meliorate place to live for young girls.

he named me malala

Davis Guggenheim, an Oscar winning documentary director, justifies his worth in the movieHe named me Malala’ to peak into another side of her life. This film is well-crafted in terms of describing her personal relationship, space and spatial relation with her father that intended her to change the facet of the world.

Movie Review (The Best Part).
The director encapsulates her past life, history and nurture in a suburban village of Pakistan. He took precise care of letting the unbiased things to its limit as it includes Taliban, the terrorist group, to form imagery picture of her real life. David, Oscar winner of An Inconvenient Truth documentary, deliberately compares Malala’s story with a historic famous character ‘Malalai who harvested a notable revolution for the society but was shot by the Afghan army. Luckily, Malala survived from the head shot by Taliban and the fortitude she showed is explicitly in a fantastic manner.

The way the director showed the survival of Malala from the assassination of Taliban and her quick recovery of it shows the painterly and poetic skills. He named me Malala movie is one of the documentary that is shows the perfect blend of heroism and maturity at a very young age. The young girl is lionhearted and spunky with her real life attempts to fight for justice.

Malala has gained worldwide popularity after the revolution and she had some quality time with Barack Obama & his family. Below is the picture of her discussions with the United States’ President.he named me malala movie
The Sad Part.
According to the source, the critics expresses,

“Davis Guggenheim had not focused on any specific point as the movie shows quirks of her personal life and sometimes switches to her noble cause to fight for. The movie is though overall a splendid must-watch for all but the director could have made it more clear and clever.”

he named me malala movie review

Whether it’s President or any celebrity, Malala has been popular across the globe due to its fighting entity in herself. Recently, she was posed with the beautiful ‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson. This picture became quite an attraction during the film promotional event.

The movie ends with her being declared as ‘Nobel Peace Prize Winner‘ in sharing with Kailash Satyarthi. The documentary movie was acquainted at the JIO MAMI grand film festival by Kiran Rao.

Movie: He Named Me Malala
Starring: Malala Yousafzai
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Time: 88 mins
Verdict: Fascinating and Fawning.

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