Maharashtra’s Harisal: India’s first Digital village

India’s first Digital village: On the way to Melghat, there is not a single road sign or milestone to go to Harisal though it is just 10 km away. A medium sized village having a bunch of houses, fading green mark saying ‘Harisal’, and Bank of Maharashtra  board is almost nowhere in the maps. But it will be changing its dimensions and environment as per the schedule of Maharashtra Govt. and Microsoft. They have finalized to convert this village into a digital village which will be equipped with: Health cards, a Wi-Fi zone, Mobile Connectivity, Cashless Markets, Telemedicine, etc.India's first Digital village

India’s first Digital village Harisal is a small village of 1,500 residents and is going to transform into ‘Smart Village’ of India. Till now, this village was referred as ‘Adivasi Village‘ but the buzzword after the agenda has put the magical string on the lips of the residents. This buzz began on 14th September, 2015 when Prashant Shukla (Microsoft India Head), Kiran Gitte (District Collector) and Kaustubh Dhawase (CMO’s IT)  visited the village. Devendra Fadnavis (Maharashtra Chief Minister) also traveled to the village 2 weeks ago.India's first Digital village

Harisal: India’s first Digital village

Gitte on this smart move says,

“Technology will be deployed to solve education problems, health issues, skill employment and its development.”

Dhavse has its own unique view on this saying,

“It was CM’s idea to bring the drastic change to this village and make it a core infrastructure village.”

India’s first Digital village: Harisal seemed to be an ideal place to make it digital as most of the community here have smart phones and TV but the only problem was electricity that shed 6 hours in the night and 8 hours in a day and also there was no water supply which made it even worse for the people there to live. For the localites, this transformation will be like ‘Something US government has brought to India’.India's first Digital village

People here also face severe minor but tough to handle troubles as there is no place to charge the phone, no place for the communications to the outer skirts of the city for traveling as Buses don’t go to Harisal consistently. Farmers feel hurdles in solving their major issues as they can’t reach to the proper authorities for the exigent queries.

Deepak Nagle, a villager from Harisal, says

“Microsoft have successfully mapped our home using Global Positioning System and farmers now will be capable to ask their queries online as we will now be the part of the Internet Community.”

Fadnavis in presence of Satya Nadella said:

“Genetic Health Issues, malnutrition, and lifestyle of the villagers ought to be changed to make it healthier and connected with the mainstream.”India's first Digital village

India’s first Digital village

The challenge apart from the transformation will be to tackle ‘Child Mortality’, ‘Baby Warmers’, ‘Tele-medicine’ so as to decrease the IMR (Infant Mortality Rates). Also, diseases like TB and Heart attacks were the major reasons for the number of death in the villages. Harisal people have no market facility and majority of the families have a monthly income of less than 2900 INR.

Let’s brief about why Harisal was chosen for the transformation and what changes will soon be made? Harisal, with strange demographics and malnutrition, is the unhealthy capital of Maharashtra to suffer from other natural resources and plethora of issues. Thus, CM decided to brought about major changes to this village. India’s first Digital village is going to have the modification in the following ways:

  • Sustainable Village Economy
  • Banking System with 100% conformity to PM Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Socio-Economic Growth will be measured along with GDP
  • Empowering village solving malnutrition problems

Article publié pour la première fois le 16/11/2015

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