Google’s Project Loon gets government approval to transmit Internet from balloons

We are accustomed to having Internet access wherever we go and in a way, are addicted of it.  Google’s Project Loon gets government approval to transmit Internet from balloons. But do we know that 2/3rd of the world’s population are devoid of Internet? Though we are saying that The internet is an orbicular community, billions are not getting the benefits out of it.

Google’s Project Loon gets government approval

So what actually is Project Loon?

A system of balloons propagating on the edge of space specially prepared to connect the group of people in a slum, remote and rural areas, assist fill coverage voids, and bring the community back online after disasters. Google X developed this project making use of high-altitude balloons. This balloons will be safely located in the stratosphere which will produce a wireless airy network of 3G speeds. Stratosphere consists of many layers of the wind with different directions and velocity. Loon balloons will travel where they are required by the desired direction of travel. This project wants to partner with Telecommunications companies so as to use the cellular spectrum that will be vital to connect balloons and phones and LTE-enabled devices. In the end process, the signal is made passed across the loon balloons and is brought back to Earth’s Global Internet.

google loon project

The Good News is that Google gets the official permission its project in India. Google wants to test the loon balloons and BSNL is believed to provide the necessary 2.6 GHz spectrum broadband to test the technology. The Press Trust of India added that every balloon is to provide the connectivity to almost 40 km in diameter.

Google’s Project Loon gets government approval

The PTI (Press Trust of India) says,

“Indian Government has approved Google to set up it’s Loon project to test the signal and drone-based internet transmission. The DeitY, a community under Secretary’s chairmanship, is looking at varieties of attributes to alleviate certain tests: Coordination with various agencies, and detecting the locations. Google also plans to convey the internet to the ground using a Solar-powered drone, but it’s still pending by the government.”

Google is confident about its partnership with India as it has successfully completed the tests in California, Brazil and New Zealand. Before India, Google has dealt with Sri Lanka to establish the technology on a high scale. A few days before, Google agreed to sign the deal with Indonesia and bring in the main carriers to the country.

Google’s Project Loon gets government approval

Google ensures that this technology has the potential to replace big mobile towers so as to transmit signals to mobile devices in any disastrous circumstances. Google is looking forward to taking the big challenge of bringing this invention to India as India will become the 2nd country after ‘Vatican City’ to get the full coverage of internet using LTE.

The main thing to be noted in this entire joint venture of Indian Government and Google will be that Google claims not to be an ‘Internet Service Provider’ but ‘Technology Service Provider’.

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/11/2015

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