Google Top Search Terms of 2015 released

Google released the top Search Terms in all the globally trending categories of 2015. It also accompanied some inspiring clips: Refugees navigating their way to safe haven, France’s response to the Paris attacks, Caitlyn Jenner’s speech and an adult lion bathing its cub. This list surprises many things as the list of top 10 doesn’t features many popular and expected Search Terms. Google Top Search Terms of 2015 are the terms people tried to find out on the Google the whole year.

In October, Lamar Odom was hospitalized in Las Vegas whorehouse. It was the highest on the list of 2015’s trending searches in US and globally. Odom, a former Basketball Player, got an extra heave of attention after the extended family of his wife. Ms. Jenner’s stepdaughter, Khloe Kardashian visited him in his hospital room. Later that month, they had got divorced. Check out the list of Google Top Search Terms of 2015 in different categories.

Google Top Search Terms of 2015

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/12/2015

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